ALL-NEW: Live Teaching Sessions With Emmanuel Makandiwa

ALL-NEW: Live Teaching Sessions With Emmanuel Makandiwa

Emmanuel Makandiwa has introduced new programs on his official social media platforms which seek to empower, inform, train and equip the children of God through the impartation of Divine wisdom and insight for success and excellence in all spheres of life.

From spiritual growth and deeper revelations to wisdom for business and ministry, these programs are designed to edify and elevate people for an excellent life!

These programs are designed to give people a platform to easily connect from wherever they are and tap into the profound wisdom that Emmanuel Makandiwa will be sharing.

Monday Business Mentorship

Launched on the 2nd of March 2020 on Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Facebook page, the Monday Business Mentorship is a program created particularly for people who want to receive information on how they can excel in business.

“It is a new program that we have that seeks to empower you, and to align you with exactly what it is that God wants you to accomplish,” Emmanuel Makandiwa said during the first episode of the program.

“The reason why I am bringing in God is because you are His product and the purpose of the product lies with the manufacturer of the product. So I believe that mentorship is the quickest way to success and that is why I have decided to make myself available so that you can be empowered and be equipped. So that you can reach your highest level of success a soon as possible” he added.

This program also give people the chance to interact with Emmanuel Makandiwa by sending their questions or topics that they would want him to address in relation to business mentorship.

In the first episode, he expounded on Vision, giving people information on what a vision is and the importance of understanding your vision.

“What is a vision? Do you have a vision? Do you understand the vision that you have? And how can you bring your vision to fruition?

“There is a place in your mind where your future is contained. You have to be willing to travel into yourself and discover that which God has deposited in your mind.

“What is it that you want to become?”

The Word Digest

The Word Digest with Emmanuel Makandiwa is a platform where the man of God takes time to break down subject topics in scripture that are foundational to the Christian Faith. And just from the title, the program gives people the opportunity to digest and relax in the presence of God; ultimately giving them much more refined insight into the profound revelations from Emmanuel Makandiwa’s teachings.

“We have to bring such topics to a program like this where we get to give people an opportunity to digest and relax in the presence of God and even be able to share their experiences and raise questions.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said during the first livestream which was aired on the 8th of February 2020 on his Facebook page.

In the first episode, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa took time to explain what Striving for Mastery is as he shed more light on what he had said concerning the subject.

“You will hear me getting into some of the personal experiences that I have had throughout my walk with God so that what I am presenting here can be so practical for you and so easy for you to appreciate and to even understand.”

Monday Business Mentorship will be streamed every Monday and The Word Digest will be streamed every Saturday on Emmanuel Makandiwa official Facebook page.

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