Emmanuel And Ruth Makandiwa’s Free Medical Outreach For Cyclone IDAI Victims

Emmanuel And Ruth Makandiwa’s Free Medical Outreach For Cyclone IDAI Victims

Over the years, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have, and are still a source of hope and comfort thousands of less privileged people all over nation of Zimbabwe. Through pure works of charity inspired by the love of God, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa has touched so many lives and this time around, the people of Chimanimani-Ngangu in Manicaland Province were remembered by God.

Located in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Chimanimani and Ngangu are some of the areas which were greatly affected by Cyclone IDAI which destroyed homes and villages, killing hundreds of people of all ages and displacing thousands of people in March 2019.

Due to this devastating effect of Cyclone IDAI in Manicaland Province, thousands of people were prone to health hazards as many lost their belongings in the Cyclone IDAI disaster, some which also included people’s medication and medical records.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa identified the need to help the Cyclone IDAI victims in Manicaland Province, particularly to their medical and health care needs. And on the 1st of June, 2019, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa sent the UFIC Health Department to Chimanimani-Ngangu area at the Chimanimani Rural District Hospital, Manicaland Province for a Free Medical Outreach Program.

The UFIC Health Department comprised of 62 professionally trained health personnel which included 43 nurses, 4 specialists, 5 general practitioners, 2 sonographers and a pharmacist.

This dedicated team of the UFIC Medical Department attended to more than 326 patients. Of the 326 patients, 235 had cases of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma; 66 had eye conditions; 25 had obstetric and gynaecological and 6 psychological counselling cases.

2 surgical procedures were also conducted on the day and 25 scans were also done.

“As the UFIC health department, we were privileged to be sent to Chimanimani Ngangu for a medical outreach by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa. “ Dr. Wilfred Muteweye, the head of the UFIC Health Department said.

“The outreach was of great help to the people as they also received free medication,” he added.

The people of Chimanimani-Ngangu joyfully received this gesture of love and compassion from Ruth Makandiwa through the UFIC Health Department.

In April 2019, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa mobilized people from all over Zimbabwe to join hands and donate towards Cyclone IDAI. The goods that came in from the masses complemented the Emergency Response Stock which Ruth Makandiwa’s Agape Family Care always has on stand-by in the case of an unfortunate incident such as the Cyclone IDAI.

The goods that were donated towards Cyclone IDAI victims included; +1000 blankets, maize, wheat, maize-meal, bales of clothing, shoes, medical supplies, detergents which were valued at $107 000 USD.

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