#FathersDay Celebrating Our Father: Emmanuel Makandiwa

#FathersDay Celebrating Our Father: Emmanuel Makandiwa

A Pillar of Strength, A Fountain of Hope, A Well of Divine Wisdom whose profoundness is unfathomable…

An Open Door through which millions of people have, and are still being drawn to the glorious Light of God,

God’s own Mouthpiece whose words are never empty nor void – every letter, every vowel, every sentence that proceeds out of your mouth is full of Life and Love,

Your teachings, prayers and declarations have molded every facet of our lives; bringing us closer to God and strengthening our relationship with Jesus Christ.

As the whole worlds celebrates Fathers, we are not only celebrating a Father but a Champion who has conquered new territories for the Kingdom of God;

A Great Teacher who articulates the mind of God through Scriptures and Divine Revelation with grace,

A Great Warrior who has fought and won battles for those he leads,

A Great Steward in the Kingdom of God whose love for the work of God, the establishment and advancement of God’s Kingdom is deeply heartfelt,

A Man of Integrity who does not only preach but also puts to practice the holy and righteous word of God,

A Great Visionary and a Great Leader who has pioneered a Great Movement

A Great and very humble Servant of the Most High God who sits in the Office of a Prophet,

A Great Mentor who has trained champions and has helped many to realize their full potential in Jesus Christ,

A Man whom God has made a place of refuge for the lost, the hopeless and the broken-hearted

All these attributes and more, inter-woven into one unique, extraordinary and exceptional Man that thousands are proud to call “Our Father”;

A Father who is always there to give hope and to comfort,

A Father who is always there to guide and to protect,

A Father who is always there to support and to sustain,

A Father who exudes with Love, Grace and Excellence, and we are forever grateful to God for His Life.

We Love You! Happy Fathers’ Day Our Beloved Father; Emmanuel Makandiwa!

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