Marriages Redefined and Restored During UFIC Couples’ Sessions With Emmanuel Makandiwa

Marriages Redefined and Restored During UFIC Couples’ Sessions With Emmanuel Makandiwa

Marriage is a God-ordained institution but due to many life experiences, situations and encounters, this institution ends up facing a lot of challenges that might end up threatening its foundations and in some unfortunate cases, the marriage collapses.

Being a man who was sent by God with a message of Life not only in people’s health, finances and spiritual growth, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ushered thousands of couples into a season of rebuilding, renewal and revival of marriages during UFIC Couples Services, in the past few weeks.

Since the UFIC Morning Services began, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa has been delivering profound teachings and divine wisdom practical to married couples. Marriages that were just a step away from shattering were mended and made new by the profound teachings that the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa delivered during these sessions.

Over the years, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has delivered messages that stressed on commitment, faithfulness, love, trust and compassion between couples in marriage, in line with Godly and Biblical principles. He also addressed the issue of character; how a God-fearing wife is supposed to keep her home and submit to her husband, and how a God-fearing husband is supposed to provide for his family and  properly execute his roles always as the head of the family.

The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa has also strongly advocated against domestic violence in homes and has taught men that they should never raise a hand against their wives or be responsible for any form of abuse as this affects their marriage and their family.

Recently, God birthed a new season through His Servant; Emmanuel Makandiwa that re-ignited and redefined marriages. For the past few Sundays, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa opened up a platform for married couples to ask personal questions in regard to the challenges that they are facing in their marriages. In response to these questions, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa delivered profound and divine wisdom that was relevant to every person who was in the sessions.

“All of you among us who are married, especially during a cold night, if one fails to cover themselves well whilst you are sleeping in the same blanket, it ceases to matter if you were covering yourself well,” the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa said in one of the sessions, “It doesn’t matter how well-mannered you are or your good character or how faithful you are in that marriage, if your partner fails to cover themselves well in bed, the cold will still come in through the opening.”

“When the cold enters, it does not only affect the one who was responsible for not covering well; it will affect both of you.

“So you have to cover you partner very well, knowing that if they are not covered well, the cold that will affect them will also affect you.

“So you must be able to discuss these issues between the two of you. Identify each other’s weaknesses and strengths in your marriage. Once you have identified them, discuss those areas, the two of you”

These sessions were not only very informative but very transformational as people were left with a deep conviction not only to mend their ways but also to work towards doing better in their marriages.