January 1, 2019

2019: The Year of Creativity

2019: The Year of Creativity

There is a theme for this year. There is one word that came to me in about three times, and this word, when I heard it; it was so strong in my Spirit. Three times I heard the voice of the Lord concerning 2019 and as I was praying again, still the same word kept on coming.

And the word was CREATIVITY. God said that is your theme.  Creativity is the theme for 2019.

This theme is not from our current circumstances. It is not birthed based on what we are experiencing today.

The theme is very good but you also need to understand the ‘How’ part. Because if you are going to be creative this year, certain instructions are supposed to be followed and if you follow such instructions, you are guaranteed that you are going to see the theme materializing in your life!

We base everything that we do in the word of God.

Before God could create the Earth, God had to create something first. Before the Earth was formed and created by God, it is a must that God had to create something before the creation of the Earth. And that something that God created is called Space.

So right there you can see that there is something that God created which is not recorded in the Bible. If the Bible records it then maybe it is what is being referred to as the Heavens. God created Space because even if you were God, you wouldn’t start by creating the earth without creating somewhere you are going to put the earth. Anything that you create will require space. You can’t create the Earth and then Space; you have to create Space and then Earth.

So God started by creating space and it is then the space that motivated God to create something that can occupy the Space.

I am already giving you the formula here.

Before you can move into creativity, you are going to have grace from God to create space around you. Your place has to become bigger even before you can become big. There is an enlargement anointing that is going to be working in this year and it is that space that will place a demand on your anointing, it is that space that will work as your motivation to create something that will occupy that space.

Some of you here, you have stayed in small and very confined places for so long. Space is very important. God is going to help you this year to create space!

Have you noticed that when God created us, He gave us something; and that something is called ‘Image and Likeness’. Before He gave you anything else, He gave you His image so that you can be like Him. God wanted that when He comes down, by looking at you, He would see Himself. He also gave you His likeness because He wanted to sit and watch you act like Him.

So if you were created by the Creator, in the likeness of the Creator, there has to be some creative power in you, otherwise you were not created in His likeness.

If God gave you His likeness, the ‘likeness’ is not demonstrated when you are praying to God because God is not a praying God. So you are not like God when you are praying; you are like God when you are creating. You are not like God when you are fasting; you are like God when you are creating.

Creativity in you was not given to the “Image’ part of you but to the “Likeness” part of you.

The reason why God created us, He said it and it is so plain; it is not a secret and it is in the Bible. He said,”…so that they can have dominion… let them rule” (Genesis 1 vs. 26)

To think that when God finished creating everything and He said now I am done, I can rest; there were no airplanes, there were no cars, no clothes, no industries. In as far as His creation was concerned; He said I am done; I can rest. But we have all that we have today because His creation has been able to take Creation to another level.

Ephesians 2 vs. 10

The reason why you were created was for good works. He created you not for just any work but for a work that is good. The word ‘…good works’ there is not referring to works of righteousness or the gifts of the Spirits or raising the dead or prophesying. If you study the word ‘…good works…’ there, it means business, it means enterprise, it refers to industrial work. It is talking about physically coming up with a product where your hands become physically active in 2019.

What is surprising here is the fact that you were created in Christ Jesus for business. Study your Bible very well; even when the first man was formed and was put by God into the garden, it was so that He could manage it.

The first person that God created was not a priest or a missionary; he was a business person. You were formed by God in Christ Jesus to manufacture and come up with a product that will sell in 2019!

If you are created in the likeness of God, it means we are going to put you into places where there is nothing and you will come up with an idea; not something that someone is going to do for you but something God is going to use you to do through your hands!

You are going to be so creative and something is going to happen!

The poverty that we are facing, somebody created it. Poverty has no power to create itself. There is someone who abused the likeness of God and created poverty.

(Genesis 1 vs. 2-3)  Do you think that when God created Earth He was on Earth? Is it possible for God to have created Earth whilst He was on Earth? How can you be in a place that is yet to be created? Which means when God created Earth, He was in a different place that He had to create first, and whilst He was looking at chaos, He said that is chaos over there, but chaos over there is not chaos over here

That is why in Job 38 v 7 he talks about the sons of God that were celebrating and singing whilst God was busy creating the earth.

So this is how God helped himself to be creative. He withdrew himself from the chaos and He put himself in a place where He got motivated. They were singing songs, rejoicing, celebrating as He was busy correcting the situation.

This year, identify a place that motivates you. I am going to teach you on that; how to create an environment that motivates you, an atmosphere that helps you to be creative. You will be amazed at the things that you will be able to do if you are motivated. What you are lacking today might not be the power of God, you are simply lacking motivation.

If God needed motivation, and you were created in the same likeness, it means also that you need to be surrounded by things that motivate you.

You need environments that do not drain you off of your energy this year. As you start the year, make it a resolution that you will not need counselling after counselling due to fights and arguments in your home whilst others are building houses and shops.

Let’s take the industry and put it here, and then take the church and put it there, comparing the closeness to God between the two, where should we find more creativity, in the church or in the industry? The Church!

If it is about the likeness of God, it is more revealed in us, meaning the hope of world is in us! If we don’t create, no one else will.

You were created to create!

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