January 1, 2020

2020 THEME – The Year of EXCELLENCE

2020 THEME – The Year of EXCELLENCE


When God gives us a theme, He is simply summarizing what He will be doing throughout the Year.

Excellence; that is exactly what will be seeing in this Year. Child of God, remember what I said; everything will be different this year. Your old self shall expire. What was once your problem will cease to be your problem this year.

In the book of Daniel from chapter 5, there was an event that took place under the king of Babylon by the name Belshazzar. He had a party and during that celebration, he ordered for the vessels of God that his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple which was in Jerusalem to be brought to him. He then ordered for wine to be poured into these vessels that were sanctified, set apart for God. And he drank from those vessels.

During that act, the Bible says that a hand was sent; fingers were sent and they wrote on the wall. You have to understand that this was not God coming Himself to do that; it was just a hand that was sent.

Picture this; God sent a messenger and the messenger was just a hand. God did not come but a few fingers were sent. God had to send a hand and He remained in Heaven. Just a part of His body attended the party and a writing was made on the wall which could not be understood. It was a mysterious writing which required a mysterious person to also read and understand it.

When the king saw the and what was written, he could not give a meaning to the words and his face changed. (vs. 6)The king was terrified; not just by the hand but by the fact that also that what was written could not be understood.

(vs. 8)The king summoned the wise men in the Kingdom to interpret what was on the wall but they could not interpret it.

(vs. 10) Whilst the King was worried, the Queen walked in and this Queen had history and had seen some of these mysterious things happening since the days of Nebuchadnezzar. She told the King not to worry. This kind of message from this Queen is amazing. She couldn’t read or interpret the writing but she advised the King not to worry because it would cease to be a problem if she knew whom to call.

The problem was not the hand or what was written on the wall; it was finding a man and in this case, there was a man in the kingdom called Daniel.

(vs. 11) The Queen started explaining that Daniel had the wisdom of the gods and that light and understanding and wisdom were found in him during the days of Nebuchadnezzar. This man specialized in dissolving doubts.

She explained to the king that he didn’t have a problem because in the kingdom, there was a man who carried the Spirit of the Gods in him.

Daniel was called and he gave the interpretation. Gold was put on him and his wardrobe was changed by solving a problem

Now this is what God is going to be doing. A hand from the Lord will be sent and it will create problems, not your problems, but their problems and they will try by all means to solve it until you are summoned.

I am talking about unique problems that only you, the child of God, will be able to solve!

When Daniel came in, he did not join them to mourning and crying and complaining. He said I am a different person; I carry the mysteries of the kingdom of God. What is confusing other people in my generation will not confuse me! Because this year, by revelation I will go up!

In the beginning of chapter 6, Darius came in and he divided his kingdom into 120 regions. He then placed princes to govern those 120 regions and above those princes, he placed three presidents and one of the presidents would report to the king.

Daniel was made chief of the presidents and don’t forget; Daniel is a prophet.

Notice something very important in verse 3. Daniel was preferred above the presidents and above the princes because in him was an excellent Spirit and because of that, a position was created for him.

You cannot have an excellent spirit this year and not have a significant position in the society. What we are going to do here, right from the beginning of the Year, is to make sure, in a supernatural way, that we infuse and introduce an excellent spirit into your life and by reason of that excellent spirit, you shall be preferred!

Promotion is by reason of having an excellent spirit. And this Year, you are going to be preferred and promoted because of the Spirit that you carry!