April 1, 2018

Passover Conference Day 3: Erecting Altars

Passover Conference Day 3: Erecting Altars

2 Samuel 24 vs. 16

The size of your life is determined by the size of your sacrifices. Small sacrifices translate to small life experiences.

(Chapter 24) David is the king of Israel and he was known to be after God’s heart. He wanted to build an altar because something had gone wrong in Israel.

(vs. 11) Intelligent kings had prophets. Don’t forget that you are a King and you also need a prophet in your life.

(vs. 11) This is not the first time that Gad gave a prophecy to David (1 Samuel 22 vs. 5) Gad did not start prophesying to David when David was king but when David was still running from Saul.

Gad never spoke to David during the time he was doing a census but when He had finished, that is when he spoke to David. That is what Prophets do sometimes. You have to learn to trust the word of God even before it comes to you. You have to treat the voice of God in a very special way.

Never listen to people who say respecting the man of God is worshipping the man of God. There is nothing like too much respect to a man of God. That is only said by people who have rebellious spirits. Respect the man of God even before you receive the word of God from Him.

When a Prophet wants to see you, never give them your own time. Your life matters so never postpone the voice of God.

(Chapter 24 vs. 13) Here, we see three things that God uses to punish nations. If a nation angers God, He uses;

  1. Famine
  2. Defeat by enemies
  3. Incurable Diseases

So when we try to remove poverty in the lives of people, we are trying to remove the anger of the Lord from the people.

(vs. 14)David opted to fall into the hands of God than into the hands of men because He knew that the hands of men are more destructive and God is merciful.

(vs. 15) Seventy thousand men died from the angel that was sent by the Lord and God proved to David that victory had nothing to do with the numbers of his armies, strength, money or intelligence; it is the Lord that grants victory.

(vs. 18) God spoke to David and He told Him that the only thing that stops the angel is an offering.

Sacrifices have the power to calm down the anger of the Lord. Passover is about Sacrifice. Jesus was God’s altar and God’s own sacrifice for His Will to prevail on Earth and for Christianity to start on Earth.

If you erect an altar and God accepts it, God is the one that will rebuke your problems. (Malachi 3 vs.10) God says give me 10% (tithe) and I will rebuke the devourer for you. You don’t have the language to speak to your problem. You have to sacrifice to God and God will rebuke the devourer for you.

(2 Samuel 24 vs. 24) King David turned down Araunah’s offer because the Prophet Gad has said ‘Sacrifice’ so it had to cost him.

The reason why some people are suffering after the Cross is because they are referring to God’s own sacrifice and that’s why God’s work is prospering and yours is not because it is not your sacrifice.

Giving is actually a sign that you are blessed than receiving. It doesn’t matter how many properties you acquire, you need to erect altars to preserve your properties.

.Abraham was blessed because of the sacrifice that he made. His blessing did not emanate from the Cross. Jesus had to die for the blessing of Abraham to come to the Gentiles. Prosperity emanates from giving but for you to go to Heaven, that’s where the Cross comes in.

Altars have the power to hold back bad things that want to come your way.

If you remain faithful in giving, there will come a time when God will prove to you that you can never compete with Him when it comes to giving. You must learn to give. Even as a man of God, you must be a giver. If your congregants don’t give, it is a sign that you are not a giver.

Never be deceived; altars work. Never underestimate the power of an altar and never look down upon a giver because there is so much power in erecting altars!