April 15, 2018

Abusing The Anointing of God

Abusing The Anointing of God

2 Corinthians 10 vs. 1-3

There are different types of abuse; chemical, alcohol, human and child abuse and other forms of abuse but there is also anointing abuse and this one is more costly and deadly more than anything else.

It is very easy for one to abuse the anointing of God.

Under-utilising the anointing of God is abusing the anointing of God and it is unfortunate that up till today, the anointing of God upon our lives is still a mystery but it is not supposed to be like that.

We need to grow and mature in the things of God to the extent that we can properly measure the anointing of God upon our lives.

What is The Anointing? That is where the abuse is coming from – not knowing what the anointing is!  We are unintentionally abusing the anointing of God because we don’t know the power that it has.

So one might ask, Can you have the anointing and think that you don’t have it? Yes

Can you also not have the anointing and think that you have it? Yes

(Job 1, 3 vs. 25) Job had a strong spiritual covering over him but he wasn’t aware of it. And that is why he was so much afraid of demonic attacks.

(2 Kings 5 vs. 26) When you really want to confirm the presence of God around you, don’t consult your feelings. They are weak when it comes to detecting the things of the Spirit; especially when they are not regenerated and subjected to a human spirit that is born again. Sometimes the anointing is there not to be felt by you but by demons.

It doesn’t matter how far you are from a man of God; there is always a part of that man of God present with you.

So, can the anointing of the man of God be with you at work and you don’t feel it? Yes

(vs. 27) Some of you are hiding your testimonies after God has blessed you and you come before the man of God and act as if nothing happened. Whenever you benefit from an anointing, learn to appreciate the anointing.

Media right now is clogged with news of how men of God are abusing children of God. It is a matter that needs to be addressed thoroughly. But we rarely hear of church members who abuse the anointing of God. People do not know what a man of God goes through to deliver one quality message. No one can rate that. People always talk about the last part of the service where people give offerings.

Under-utilising the anointing is abusing the anointing.

If you receive a message that equips you for a challenge and you’re defeated after receiving the message, you would have abused the anointing.

(Acts 5) Ananias and Sapphira died because of an offering. What made the Holy Spirit to kill them? It is because they had promised something to God and they did not fulfill their promise. When you ask God to help you, be careful because He will and when you appear before Him, don’t deny Him an offering.

You can give money to a man of God and he can put it to proper use but you can receive an anointing from a man of God and still not put it to proper use.

The presence of anointing is not a guarantee that you will succeed. The blood of Jesus was made available more than 2000 years ago but still today, some people haven’t been washed. You can be anointed and be broke and you might end up asking if God is with you. The anointing can be present and not work until you know how to apply it.

Success is a choice. You can have God in this life and fail and be a victim of others because failure and winning are a choice.  One becomes poor as a result of a choice and also they become rich as a result of a choice.

Wherever you are, the Prophetic is participating. When you get success, you must celebrate that success in the house of the Lord. If you do that, God will supply all your needs!