January 5, 2020

An Excellent Spirit

An Excellent Spirit

This is not just an ordinary Theme. Not only do we have Excellence as a Theme but also 2020 is an Excellent Year.

Daniel 6 vs. 3.

(vs. 3)Daniel was preferred, not because of his height or complexion. There was a reason behind him being preferred.

You should aim higher in life because there is always a position above any position. There is always a better place above any place. Promotion in your life can be endless. God can elevate you on a daily basis as long as you qualify yourself for that position.

What was the reason that made Daniel to be preferred above the presidents? It is because an excellent Spirit was in him. The man was promoted, not because he has been to school but because he managed to cultivate a certain level of spirituality and he nurtured his Spirit in a certain way.

Excellence can be produced and if it is a product, there is supposed to be a producer of the product – the Excellent Spirit.

What some of you think is promotion is actually demotion. You have to understand what promotion is. I wouldn’t want you to insult God after He has promoted you above your friends and you still think that they are above you just because of the cars they drive. You can have someone below you staying in a better house because promotion is by revelation!

(Proverbs 17 vs. 27) There are some people who don’t have knowledge but still they are people. There is also a man who is of understanding.

Your lack of desire for understanding is not deliberate. You are sick and your condition has not affected your flesh but your Spirit. And the reason you do not desire understanding is because your Spirit lacks one thing – excellence.

When God gave us Spirits, they were of the same quality but only one man, Daniel worked on his Spirit; nourished and perfected it and that is why he got the promotion. You have to work on your Spirit to qualify for certain information. Your level of spirituality disqualifies you from getting certain information.

If there is no excellence in the Spirit, there cannot be excellence outwards. Before you deal with the outside appearance, you need to deal with the inward appearance.

What you must know is that you might not become excellent in everything. Stop focusing on your weakness. You are not going to be excellent in everything. Identify an area that you are going to master and be an expert in it. Discover your areas of strength; focus and concentrate on that.

Who do you want to become? Do you want to become a champion in that area? You need to ask yourself; how will I get there.

This Year, you might be in the same place that you were in 2019 but you need to figure out how you are going to move from that place to where you want to be.

What are you going to be known for in 2020? Are you going to be solving or creating problems? Which problems are you going to solve?

Let me deliver you from waiting for a delivery that is never coming.

You are waiting for God to give you something. He is not going to give you because He has already given it to you. You cannot get him to do what He has already done. So every prayer that you make trying to convince Him to do something He has already done won’t be fruitful.

You are believing God for an excellent Spirit. This is the reason why some of you will get to hundreds of years without achieving anything.

Most of you are asking God for what He has already given us. Most of our prayers are useless. It is like asking God to send Jesus again to die for our sins. Not matter how long you pray, God is never going to answer that prayer. You have to believe in the finished work! Work out your Salvation with the tools already provided on Calvary.

God has already blessed you; He is not going to re-do what He has already done. What you need to do is to introduce excellence in the blessing.

(Psalm 8 vs. 1)The reason why God’s name heals the sick is because it is an excellent Name. Apart from what you will be doing this year, you must work on introducing excellence into your name.

When an excellent Spirit is discovered in a person, a place has to be created for him.

One might ask, how do I improve my Spirit? Remember, you are a Spirit that lives in a body and the condition of that Spirit is what matters today. Practice and train your Spirit.

By feeding the 5000, Jesus was dealing with anything that would conflict with His excellence. He couldn’t let them go hungry because He is called the Bread of Life. He gathered the people in a miraculous way and He dispersed them in a miraculous was because He is an excellent God.

When you become an excellent Spirit, you begin to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the people. If you take the best of anything, you need to do your best to maintain it.

(vs. 4) There was no error or fault that was found in Daniel. Get this; when you have a lot of mistakes happening around you, they are coming from within. You do not correct mistakes outside. Mistakes are always an expression of the condition of your Spirit. Errors are found in people.

For some people, by trying to solve a mistake they end up creating another mistake. So many people are struggling to fix their mistakes but if they are to correct the condition of their Spirit, they can correct their errors.

You are behaving in the way that you are behaving because of an error in your Spirit. Especially if you are not born again, you have a faulty Spirit; you cannot avoid mistakes.

You can make everything around you to be new if only you can receive an excellent Spirit. You need to start by correcting the error within you because it can give the person next to you a behavior. What is in you is contagious. You influence the behavior of the people around you. And instead of trying to correct them, you need to start by correcting yourself.

Someone once thought of blessing you but an error in your communicated wrongly.

Thousands of people are waiting to help you but you need to work on your Spirit and make it better because an excellent Life is a result of an excellent Spirit. Work on your Spirit.

Start surrounding yourself with the right people. All the mistakes that you are crying about, it is as a result of the error in you. You must fix your Spirit in order to have a better Life.

Promotion will be by reason of the condition of your Spirit. There is a position waiting for someone but the only thing that is disqualifying you is the condition of your Spirit.

An excellent Spirit for an excellent Life!