March 25, 2018

An Anointing To Make The Right Decisions

An Anointing To Make The Right Decisions


There is this kind of fear that needs to be dealt with when you are growing up, spiritually or physically – The Fear Of Making Wrong Decisions or Choices.

Because of this, most people end up doing what they were not supposed to do and they end up having wrong partners, careers, lines of business etc.

If there is an anointing that can enable people to make the right decisions, then I would want that. If you know who you’re going to be; your future and your destiny, you then will be able to choose the right things and follow the right path that leads to your destiny.

You have to know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. If you are going to be selling, what are you supposed to be selling? With this anointing oil of Separation, you’ll have to travel into the future and see what you’re supposed to be doing in your life.

You have to establish how God likes talking to you. Even some people who say that God hasn’t spoken to them, in fact, He did at a certain point. (Job 33 vs. 14-17) We are the ones that do not understand how God speaks to us. So it is of paramount importance that you establish how God wants to speak, not to someone but to you!

It is also important to understand the time factor in every revelation that you get.

(Genesis 2 vs. 21-22) When God wants to bring the best out of man, He causes a deep sleep to fall on them. There is such an anointing that can cause you to fall into deep sleep and you begin to see. As people get into sleep, God will begin to retrieve their destinies. It is good for you to know what you are destined for.

Some of you were trained to be used by other people. This world is so wicked because you can be abused, misused work for other people and when you look at yourself, you see nothing. I want you to have your own money! It is a pleasant thing to have your own money. Money is good.  If you ask me, my own opinion, I can guarantee you that having a demon and not having money is the same experience. You will never enjoy Earth when you don’t have money.

Once you have money, there is a certain anointing that comes on you. People with money have a level of command. If you’re going to make money, Earth is not going to be enjoyable for you. You need to start thinking about having your own money.

If anyone tells you that money is not important, you have to know that you’re talking to a parasite because that person is eating someone’s money.

You have to be clear in what you ask for when you are talking to the Holy Spirit. Some don’t even know how to ask, and that’s why sometimes the Holy Spirit doesn’t know how to answer you. Be clear in what you ask for.