March 1, 2020

Blessed For The Supernatural: The Parental Blessing

Blessed For The Supernatural: The Parental Blessing

Jacob had an encounter with a person whom the Bible calls a man. When the man saw that Jacob was determined and it was almost daybreak, he injured Jacob. But even though Jacob was injured, he did not let this man go until he blessed him.

Jacob did not let him go because he didn’t walk as a mere man; he was blessed for the Supernatural.  He was trained to sense the Supernatural.

You could have met this man but you let him go because you were never blessed for the Supernatural. You have allowed such men to go without blessing you because you were not trained for the Supernatural.God is visiting people in different forms. The reason why you are failing to identify him is because you were not blessed for that special experience.

(vs. 27)Look at how Jacob was blessed. The man changed Jacob’s name to Israel and he blessed him there. After that, Jacob allowed him to go because he was convinced that he had received a blessing.Jacob had goats and camels but he did still demanded a blessing from this man. If it were you, you would not have done that because think that having a car or a house is a blessing.

There is a blessing for the substance and a blessing for the supernatural.

If you believe that there is a witch stopping you from getting a promotion, that is a sign that you don’t qualify for that promotion. You have to exercise God’s power at the highest level.

Jacob was blessed by his father but in this verse, he was fighting for another blessing. For what? It is because Jacob could sense the varieties of blessings and their different levels.

(vs. 28) Jacob fought with this man and he prevailed. You must fight and not give up until you get your blessing!

One might ask, how will I be able to recognize such people when I come across them?

What qualified Jacob for the Godly blessing was the parental blessing.  What qualifies you for the Supernatural blessing is the Parental blessing. Your biological Father has to bless you for you to receive the blessing from God. Your Father’s blessing and that of God are different but what your Father’s blessing does is to prepare you for God’s blessing.

But I know that most of you have lost the opportunity to receive a blessing from your biological father because some of them do not know how to release the blessing. Most of them, what they know is to release curses and insults.

So what if your biological Father didn’t bless you but rather, cursed you?

It was the culture of Fathers in the Old Testament that they blessed their children before they died but In Genesis 49 vs 3-4, Rueben was cursed by his father Jacob. But when the house of Reuben submitted to a spiritual Father called Moses and in Deuteronomy 33 vs 6, Moses reversed the curse and blessed Reuben.

You are Reuben and you are cursed but have you found your Moses? The children of Reuben went and submitted under Moses and they served the Lord under him.

When you come to Church, you must make sure that you serve God, especially if you know that a curse was pronounced on you by your Biological father. Find something to do in the house of God. You must tell your Moses that you will serve God under him until He(God) blessed you!

God gave spiritual Fathers the power to reverse and override curses.

Let Reuben Live!

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