May 8, 2018

Bloodline Curses 2

Bloodline Curses 2

Leviticus 17 vs.11          2 Corinthians 3 vs. 6

For the life of the flesh is in the blood. The spirit gives life. In the bible there is reference to the covenant God made with Abraham. The blessings of the Lord are given to the blood, not Abraham, because even after the death of Abraham, God’s promise fell to the next Generation.

When a curse is released, uttered or introduced, you need to understand the source and when someone gets cursed there is a part of him that receives the curse. If a curse is working in your life, there was something you did to receive it so well.

In life you will meet only 3 types of people; someone who will curse you, someone who will bless you or someone who will live you just the way you are. There are people who when you leave them you feel so energized that you can face anything in life and there are those who drain all your energy.

(2 Peter 2 vs. 7) There are those friends that always complain, they never say God is good. Curses feed on something that your friends are providing.

(Genesis 4 vs. 10) Understand that your blood has a voice. When you are sleeping in your bed, your blood is saying prayers to God. There is a certain signal that comes out of your blood that sends signals to people around you that determine whether they bless you or not.  .

If your blood can speak, it will only speak based on the information it was given.

Someone said something and you believed it or maybe your father did but you then have to make a decision on whose report you are going to believe. It’s not what God said that’s going to prevail but that which you believe.

Seek to understand yourself.

People have vast knowledge about God but they don’t know much about themselves. Who am I? Does God want me to be successful? What is the bible saying about that and what are the people around you saying? If you’re sick you have to know that I’m sick BUT God doesn’t want me to be sick. Don’t personalize it. You can be born again; your Spirit is strong but it is limited by your flesh.

(Mathew 6 vs. 11) Most people are busy attacking prosperity. It’s Jesus that said ask for your daily bread. It’s not every consumable food that can be kept. Some will be excreted.  Some things that have been fed to your mind should be excreted.

There is life in your bread that your system can extract the energy. If you are hungry, bread won’t benefit you unless you put it in the right place. Blood has the ability to extract life from the bread. Now the life of the flesh is in your blood.  (2 Corinthians 3 vs. 6) The Spirit doesn’t give life to the flesh, for the natural man cannot receive spiritual things. The human spirit gives life to the blood. Remove the human spirit, the blood and flesh will die.

Your blood can tell you something opposite from what God is saying.

If money is evil then God wouldn’t have instructed the rich to give money to the poor.  The desire of the God we serve is for us to experience His fullness down here. When I walk with God, I’m in the multiplication dispensation. God’s original instruction was for me to multiply; to dominate and not to be dominated.

So how do I stop this curse?

Giving is a principle. You have to give. Some of you are broke today because of what your father gave; blood was shed and your name was mentioned. Don’t take this Issue of the blood lightly. God says you will ask me of Nations and I will give you nations as an inheritance yet people complain about just cars. Abraham was given a nation. We don’t even have a record of the prayer He made. What did he do? Abraham was rich in everything gold and silver so there was need to go to a higher level that involved blood to inherit something for the blood.

We are looking for a generation that can listen to voice in the blood to deliver it!