May 15, 2018

Bloodline Curses 4

Bloodline Curses 4

We want to further investigate what is happening in our lives and families.

Curses are negative declarations upon people, places, objects and even animals. For one to be cursed, there is need for another to speak  and the same goes for a blessing. It is very important to mind what people are saying to us in our lives.

(Genesis 1 vs. 1) Places were created before people were created. The Earth was without form and void and it was under a curse. We’ve no record of God creating darkness and water but we know that it was created by God in other chapters that we don’t have.

When the Bible says the Earth was without form, we are not looking at the creation of the Earth because it was already there. We all think that Adam was the first man to commit sin but I believe at Adam was created in a cursed environment because Lucifer had already sinned and fell, which means we have to talk about a certain sin committed not by our fathers or ancestors but a heavenly being.

And the first sin that Lucifer committed was not pride but misunderstanding the power of God and underestimating it.

Underestimating the power of God is one of the sins that people are still committing till today.

Lucifer was chased from heaven because God didn’t want sin in Heaven. God didn’t want to put people into hell but sin. But because people have decided to harbour the very thing that God hates the most, that is the reason why some people are going there.

After the fall of Lucifer, God further on released his anger by destroying his first creation with the flood. Death was already on Earth before the coming of Adam. After the flood, God then decided to create man in His own Image and likeness.

At this point, Earth is under a curse; something had already died on Earth.

And then God created a Garden; a place for His creation. But if Earth was still under the same blessing as in the beginning, then man would have been placed anywhere on Earth. There was a special arrangement of creation in the Garden that you don’t find anywhere else.

So why put man in the Garden and not outside of the Garden? The Earth was under a curse.

God wants His people to remain in the most organised places. Our position in the future can be understood from the past by going into the mind of God and understanding why God created you.

God created you for companionship and He wanted a mirror of Himself. God wanted to see Himself in you!

The first thing to be delivered from Satan by God was not a person but a place. His first attempt to possess something was a place and even up till today, he is interested in possessing geographical places.

(Luke 4 vs. 6) Lucifer was talking about the great mistake done by the first Adam, and that was handing over the Kingdoms of the Earth to him. He controls the financial system because it was given to him by Adam.

A curse is something that you don’t want to have. You can’t live with a curse and enjoying life.

When you get into heaven, are you going to have memory of the past? Are we going to remember where we are coming from? I believe so.

(Luke 16 vs. 23-28) If this man had his memory in hell, I’m sure we are going to have our memory in Heaven.

If you left your children without a house to stay in, how can you as the parent enjoy Heaven? How will you enjoy heaven knowing that they can’t pay their bills? How can one, knowing that they didn’t believe in the blessings of God and fought against prosperity, enjoy Heaven whilst directly facing the success of God?

How are you going to enjoy Heaven knowing that you left your children without an inheritance?

A curse is not good and that’s why the devil wants you cursed to affect your eternal joy. (Revelation 21 vs. 4) Why does the Bible speak about God wiping off their tears in Heaven? Why are they crying in Heaven?

Heaven is not a poverty-escape plan.

After sinning, Adam saw that he was naked. The day man sinned, subtraction started. Sin robes us of the multiplication blessing that God wants us to have. Poverty was the first manifestation as proof that man had fallen out of his relationship with God and he fled from the presence of God.

Poverty is chasing people away from God more than sin.

(Genesis 3 vs. 17) Adam was cursed because he decided to listen to his wife more than God. You listen too much to what people say more than what God says and you are about to receive a curse.

(vs. 17) If God cursed Earth because of man, He will also bless Earth because of man.

(vs. 18) The Earth is now under a double curse. Thorns and thistles which were never created by God began to come out because of man. African soil is in great distress. Everything we see is a reflection of our relationship with God. We are trying to change everything around us but not us.

(Genesis 4 vs. 2) From birth, the career of Abel was named. When you are born, there is need of you to be attached to something good. It is amazing that when they were born, they didn’t go to school but they started doing something. Man was designed by God full of wisdom. Man would extract information from his interaction with God (Proverbs 9 vs. 10)

(vs. 23-24) Lamech, Cain’s son, also killed someone. That is how bloodline curses continue to multiply in a generation. Curses run through generations.

The problem you are facing right now entered into your family a long time ago and it is still affecting you because you are an offspring of their blood.

(Joshua 6 vs. 26, 1 Kings 16 vs. 34) Just like Jericho, the devil destroyed you and cursed you to the extent that anyone who tries to build you up, something happens to them. Some of you suffer because you helped someone who you were not supposed to help. The problem that you are facing didn’t start this year, it started a long time ago.

But if God revealed these things to us, then this error has to be corrected. There is a renewal of blood coming to you!