May 27, 2018

Bloodline Curses: Avoid The Sins Of The Fathers

Bloodline Curses: Avoid The Sins Of The Fathers

Ezekiel 18 vs. 1-3, 14-15, 19-23

In verse 1 and 2, God is asking Ezekiel about a proverb in Israel which says if fathers did something wrong, the children had to pay the price. But the Lord was addressing a real case were children would live in poverty as a result of the sins of the father. Now a word is coming from the Lord saying amongst His people, there shall be no occasion which happens because of your forefathers.

God is saying I have to bring that to an end. God isn’t promising everyone that this proverb will be deleted but only to His people. To the rest of the people, the curse will continue until a person leaves his generation and gets into God’s generation.

There is an invitation from God to leave your bloodline and get into the bloodline of Jesus. What the father did will have to end with the father.

When the prophetic word was given to Israel, it was still under a curse but the message said there is a prophetic time in the future where God’s people will be liberated from what the fathers did. The prophecy was given to the people that their situation will not end like that. I still believe that we have people that will not die, not based on what they eat or their genes but because of the vision they read and believed.

Ezekiel is saying that when a child is born out of a rebellious generation, he should do something before he can break out of their generational curse; that is they have to observe the sins of their fathers and avoid them. If you want to break out of your generational curse, you need to observe.

Behave differently; don’t eat the way they eat or do things the way they do it.

Study the way they talk, how they relate to other people, how they marry and how they treat their spouses. And then you do that differently. Investigate the origin of your behaviour so that you can avoid acting like how your former generations did.

You are studying your generation not so that the information can destroy or hurt you but you are simply studying so that you can do things differently.

How do your people talk? There is a heavenly language that people need to be taught. If you speak like your kinsmen, it is not only the people that will hear that; there are demons in the atmosphere that are targeting people from your area of origin.

You can change your future by cutting certain power flows. There is a certain vein in your family that transmits addictions and certain traits from one person to the next. When you find that line, you need to disconnect yourself from that.

If you continue doing things in the same way that your fathers did, you will only get what your father had; you will not be able to achieve greater things.

Some of you are a product of your fathers’ ignorance. There is a father that opened the gates of hell into the family to the extent that no one in the family can financially assist another relative.

But God is saying, I will bring an end to this! There is a certain class of people that God is raising that will not be affected by the sins of the father. God will select those people by the way they behave and how they chose to act against the norm. That is why God is saying observe and consider to behave differently.

Don’t be quick to respond to things. Take your time.

Demons don’t just jump from one person to the next; they also follow repeated behaviour and attitudes.

What makes you the same with your father is doing things the same way as your father.

People need to be taught in how to pray for other people. As a wife, you need to learn how to pray for your husband who is a non-believer. The way you speak to your husband and pray for him is what will him to the house of God.

Study, get to understand where you are coming from. Work on that and  do it differently.



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