May 18, 2018

Bloodline Curses: God’s Word Is The Solution

Bloodline Curses: God’s Word Is The Solution

Hebrews 4 vs. 12, Psalm 119 vs. 130

When we deal with bloodline curses, it is not enough to explain what they are and where they are coming from. We must go as far as giving solutions and ways on how to come out of them.

God has provided for us ways to come out of generational curses but one that I consider to be the most powerful is the word of God. The word of God is powerful and quick and that is why Paul said, I am not ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1 vs. 16).

When people are under generational curses, the quick and powerful way is the word of God but slaves do not like that. When one is in slavery, they prefer God to quickly rescue them but when God wants to liberate you permanently, He sends His word.

(Hebrews 4 vs. 12) The word of God penetrates deep down. You are coming from your father and you also might have children. The word of God can penetrate to that point where generations come together and separate you from the bloodline that has curses running in it.

Many things can be done in the house of God but when you there and listen to the word of God, that is very important.

(Isaiah 55 vs. 11) When God wants something, He releases His word and when it is released, it comes back to Him after it has accomplished what He sent it to do. If you also want to accomplish and prosper, become the word of God. You have to get to that point where the word of God gets into you and you enjoy hearing God talking.

Allow the word of God to penetrate and get into you; deep down into your marrow.

The only thing that God said has the power to touch the marrow where blood is manufactured is His word but most people don’t enjoy dwelling on the word of God and yet it is the most powerful thing.

If you ever want to break generational curses, it is through the word of God.

Generation joints are like a ladder, there is a joint somewhere, between your grandfather and your father and you. But the word of God can penetrate deep down to that joint and separate you from curses and misfortune.

(Mark 4 vs. 39)Jesus did not lay His hand on the water. The situation was critical and He wanted something quicker so he spoke the word! (John 11 vs. 43, Mathew 14 vs. 19)

The word of God is what you need!

Jesus was so successful because He called Himself the word. He was quick and powerful in all He did because He was the word. If you make yourself the word, you will be able to accomplish in all spheres of your life!

If you continue to dwell on the word of God, your blood will respond to it. Your marrow will respond to the word of God.

(Psalm 119 vs. 130) If there was once darkness in your family or in your blood, there will be light when the word of God enters into your life.

There is not supposed to be any difference between your life and what God said because when God spoke, that is when your lifestyle was designed.

When people are broke and poor, it is their blood that received the curse. If you choose not to believe the in the word of God, there is another person’s word that will prevail over your life.

If you continue to study the word of God and absorb it, you will become the word of God. The more you have the word, the more powerful you become. If you touch your business, it has been touched by the word of God.

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