May 6, 2018

Bloodline Curses

Bloodline Curses

2 Corinthians 3 vs. 6       Leviticus 17 vs. 10-11

There are so many things about the blood and most people don’t understand their own blood, even the blood of Jesus. Through investigations and research I have also come to understand that there are curses that manifest in our lives and show up in what we do and it is all in our blood.

(2 Corinthians 5 vs. 17) We have things we did that follow us even after salvation, it means that we really have to discuss these matters, when a person gets a curse, which part of him receives a curse or what is a curse?

Most people believe there is a thing known as the generational blessing but not a generational curse. When the blessing was given to Abraham, it was given to a certain part of him, not all of him.
A curse is a statement or a negative utterance that invoke negative things in your life. Curses don’t stay everywhere; the blood receives the curse. When the blood is cursed, it ceases to operate well and it is important to investigate your blood because most of the issues you are fighting are not your fights; you are still yet to fight your own fights.

The economy of a country is conditioned by the blood of the people. Things are wrong around us because things are wrong in us. Before you begin to criticise or bring in the blood of Jesus, remember that you still have to acknowledge that your own blood is dysfunctional that’s why you need the blood of Jesus.

(Genesis 4 vs. 9)Hearing the voice of God is not a confirmation that all is well in your life. Cain had just sinned but God spoke to him. (vs. 10) You are carrying something in your system that has a language which you should understand. Not only when you are dead but even as you live, your blood has a language that you need to understand.

What is your blood saying about success?

(Deuteronomy 23 vs. 3) You need to understand that there are certain levels of success difficult for you to attain because someone said ‘not in this generation’. If the Life of the flesh is in the blood, then it means the blood designs for you the lifestyle that you want or don’t want.

We all know that if the spirit man leaves your flesh, you die physically. Why is it that when the spirit leaves the flesh whilst the blood is still there, the flesh still dies? What makes the flesh to die in the absence of the spirit, if life is in the blood? The bible is not lying but the scripture is only explaining a portion. Know that the spirit gives life to the blood and the blood gives life to the flesh and when the spirit stops giving life to the blood then the blood won’t have life to give to the flesh hence the flesh dies.

Now when the blood is under a curse that’s when we have a problem. The life from the spirit has to be converted by the blood into a certain life your body can handle.  So when the blood is under the curse it cannot convert success and prosperity into a career. Doctors can tell you of a disease you inherited from your parents; how come diseases can be inherited easily but blessings are not easily transferred? There is a curse!

You are where you are because your blood is failing to convert the spiritual life intended for us by God; ladies and gentlemen our blood has failed us.

(Hebrews vs. 9-10)The bible says Levi paid tithe whist he was still in the loins of Abraham, which means these are the actions done or passed through the blood. This is the reason why we have the fallen nature from the first Adam and yet we did not eat the fruit because the curse was given to you, you are his blood.

We have people trying to run away from generational curses but guess where they went? Universities. There they will never teach you this subject.

Looking at Africa, it has the most educated people but our blood.

There is something God can do to reverse a curse through a man of God. You are not broke, you are not sick; the blood is failing to decode the information coming from the spirit.

You don’t deal with curses anyhow, when your blood is cursed and it’s a curse affecting the whole generation, it means that even the blood will choose the church where the curse is not under any threat and that is what generational curses do. I don’t know about you, but I would want a man of God who addresses the curse.

Parents, do you know that when Solomon came, there are certain enemies that he didn’t fight because his father fought them. I am talking about sins that are giving you a hard time and you conquer them and say I will not indulge for the sake of my future generation.