August 26, 2018

“But Ye Are Come!” 10 Divine Destinations

“But Ye Are Come!” 10 Divine Destinations

Hebrews 12 vs, 16-24

This verse introduces another level of fornication. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of bean soup and one morsel of meat. And because of that, the Bible says it was profane and fornicated.

Keep this in your conscious mind; the day you let go of your divine right, you have committed fornication. Divine rights protect you.

Belonging to a prophetic ministry gives you the right. When you are about to get a contract, I prophesy that you shall not lose it because of the prophetic right you have!

When you go into the field, you hunt not because of your skill but because of your prophetic right.

Animals in the forest are trained to run away but if you use your right, an aroma of success surrounds you and you begin to have things that used to run away from you, coming to you.

What makes the Bible different from any other book is because there is the breath of God in the Bible. The Bible is not a book, it is life!

(vs. 22) “But you have come” The writer is not promising us of something that will happen after fasting or prayer; he is saying that you have come unto Mt Zion. He is telling you where you belong.

(vs. 22-24) We are celebrating 10 years and over the years, we have come to these 10 significant destinations.

  1. Mt Zion

Mt Zion symbolizes the highest level in the Spirit. In the old Jerusalem, the city and the temple wee built on the highest mountain. So when God is that you have been called to Mt Zion, he is saying that you have been called to the highest life. Your spiritual life is at the highest level.

  1. City of God

You have come to the city of a dead God but of a living God. (Hebrews 11 vs. 8) Abraham moved not only by what he saw or his qualifications but by faith. Abraham understood that God doesn’t call people from big things to inferior things. Abraham searched for a city whose builder and founder was God but from Hebrews 12 vs. 22, we now know that we are no longer looking for the city of God; we are in the city of God!


  1. Heavenly Jerusalem

When we see, we see from Mt Zion into the future. When we heal the sick, we heal from the city of the Living God and the Heavenly Jerusalem.

‘Heavenly is not heaven. (Matthew 6 vs 10) When Jesus told his disciples to pray and say “…on Earth as it is in Heaven…” you are superimposing the Heavenly kingdom onto a place ; making a earthly place heavenly.

What makes heaven, heaven is the presence of God. You can make a place like heaven simply by concentrating the presence of God in that place. We are in heaven because we have God who makes Heaven to be Heaven!

There is no life after death. Life after death is the continuation of life after salvation. The decision is made whilst you are still alive. We are already enjoying eternal life because when we receive the life of God, life starts from here.

  1. Innumerable Company of Angels

(Genesis 32 vs. 1-2) Jacob met angels in the Old Testament. (vs. 2) When you discover an supernatural occurrences, give it a name

If we have really come to an innumerable number of angels, it means there are trillions of angels and these angels can’t visit us because we are in the same place. You are in a dimension where you fellowship with angels daily. You know you will be eating and driving with angels. You might not see or touch them but you must be conscious of their presence.

  1. General Assembly

It is the gathering of honored people.

  1. Church of the First Born

We are the children of the most high God and Jesus is the first born.

  1. God The Judge

We have already received the verdict, the judgment. God is on our side.

  1. Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect

These are men who lived right before us and they got into a place where their Spirits where made just. We are not going to meet them after death, we have already come to them!

Personally, I am conscious of where I am; I am in the Spirit and I am surrounded by spirits. (Matthew 17) Two men who had their spirits made just appeared at the mountain. I saw Moses, I saw Paul. These are not ancestral spirits; these are just men whose spirits where made perfect.

  1. Jesus The Mediator of the New Covenant
  2. The Blood of Sprinkling

We have been to 10 different places by the grace of God. This is where we are today.

(2 Peter vs. 1-3) Everything required for you to live in goodliness has been provided for you. Jesus has called us, not to disappointment or sickness or poverty but to glory and power.

Think about this; you have been called to glory and virtue! I’m saying this so that you understand where you belong!






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