August 26, 2018

Change The Way You Listen to God’s Word

Change The Way You Listen to God’s Word

I believe there is a certain attitude that needs to be developed so that you receive from God.

Jeremiah 17 vs. 14

There is a powerful statement there. The verse says heal me Lord and I will be healed, save me Jesus and I will be saved.

It is important that you get into the healing covenant with the Lord before he even heals you. Get into a saving contract with God even before He saves you.

This is expected from you even before you are blessed.

You need to tell the Lord that if you bless me, I will be blessed; if you make me rich, I will be rich indeed. This is a very powerful and outstanding promise.

The way that the word of the Lord is going to work for you totally depends on how you receive it.

You need to speak to the Lord and tell Him that if you speak to me, I will hear you and not miss even a single word.

Your problem has a voice, the things surrounding you have voices. Too many things are calling for your attention but you have to promise the Lord that you are not going to listen to all those voices; you will listen to God’s voice only.

Before anything tangible in your life can happen in your life, God has to open his mouth and speak. Before you can touch it, it has to be spoken.

(Ezekiel 37 vs. 1-14) Before the resurrection came, God told Ezekiel to speak about resurrection because the bones had to hear the voice of the Prophet.

In that last state of your life, having little breath remaining, you must be able to hear the voice of the Lord. You may be sick or dry but there is a prophetic word for you.

(Hebrews 11 vs. 3) The voice of God is a creative agent. When God speaks, His words materialize and become tangible.

You might have been defeated but there is a percentage of victory in every defeat, that’s if you look at it through the eyes of the Spirit.

(Job 1 vs. 13-22) Just like Job, you might have lost everything but not everything. At the end of the day, Job was still alive and that the aspect of victory that he had –he didn’t lose his life.

You might have lost everything else but you are still alive! You didn’t lose your life. You might have lost money but you didn’t lose your mind.

From today, you need to change the way you listen to the word of God. (Job 22 vs. 28) The Bible says you, not God, shall open your mouth and decree a thing and it shall be established. What is about to happen to you is what you are about to say to yourself.

The Bible says that angels excel in strength as they harken to the voice of God. Angels are very powerful creatures; they can disappear and appear but they are weak in certain areas.

But for the angels to be delivered from their weakness, they have to listen to the word of God. The word ‘excel’ means they increase in strength. Angels develop their power by listening to God’s word.

Your strength shall be determined by your attention to God’s word. If you want divine energy to be increased in you, change the way you listen to the voice of God.

A church service can double your level of divine power. You come to church weak and when you leave you are strengthened.

Your life has to be according to what the Bible says, not what people say.

You need to tell yourself that I have to become what God says I am!