March 10, 2019

Controlling The Spirits

Controlling The Spirits

Esther 6 vs. 13, 7 vs. 9-10

2 Thessalonians 1 vs. 6

2 Corinthians 10 vs. 3-4, 6

When you have obeyed God and your obedience before God is fulfilled then you have to be ready to revenge all disobedience.

There is something that we were given by God, a special grace that puts us in charge. When we speak, statements that come from our mouths are commands that have to be followed.

When you speak; spirits and things move. As a child of God, when you speak from your house or in your car or under the water; as long as you have a chance to speak, things begin to move.

When you speak, something happens.

(Genesis 1) When God was quiet, nothing happened but when He spoke, things were created. He didn’t create us without this grace; He gave it to you in the form of His likeness.

When you see something that you don’t like, open your mouth, not to complain but to create.

(Esther 2 vs 10) Modeccai advised Esther not to disclose that she was a Jew. You must do business first before you disclose the church which you belong to.

(Esther 3 vs. 2) Every time Haman entered through the gates, people would show him respect by bowing to him but Modeccai would remained standing. Modeccai knew that it wasn’t just kneeling before Haman but worshiping him; it was now a religion. So Modeccai reserved his worship for God only.

(vs. 6) Haman then decided to kill all the Jews because one of them had undermined his authority.

Have you seen that the world feels uncomfortable when God-fearing begin to multiply? They are comfortable when beer halls multiply but not churches.

(vs.9) Haman was ready to part with his salary to make sure that the people of God are destroyed. Some of you don’t know how much money has been released to make sure that you are destroyed. Your enemies are paying money and livestock for your destruction.

There is always a Haman who is close to a God-fearing person.

(vs. 11-13) The king approved Haman’s request and a letter was written to all the provinces and the date was set for the children of God to be killed. We are here but they have set the date for you to die but something will happen before that date!

Child of God, when you speak, things begin to happen. You might not have to touch anything but just speak.

There are some people that said you will not cross a certain mark in your life. They paid money and they gathered evidence against you but before the set date that they said you will die, they are the ones that will die!

Before the devil destroys you and before you die, the plans of the enemy would have been destroyed.

(Esther 5 vs. 1-3) The king could not sleep and he asked for the chronicles to be read. And as they were being read, the king heard wat Modecaai had done. And this was the same night that Haman was plotting against Modeccai.

If a prophet is used by God to spare somebody’s life, that person ‘s enemies become his enemies. Modeccai, the person who spared the life of the king, was about to be killed. You, the king, must be smart enough to know the reason why the prophet is being fought. He has spared your life so many times.

(vs.6-10) The king used Haman’s advice to honor Modeccai and all this happened just before the date that Haman had set to kill Modeccai.

(vs.13) Let it be known that if you are a child of this ministry and someone tries to touch you; they are the ones who will fall.

I have seen a whole generation perishing after touching a child of God. As for me, anyone who walks with God, I fear him, even if they are just a church member. Because I have realized that there are church members who walk with God more than pastors.

(Esther 7 vs. 9) Haman was sent to his gallows to be killed. That season has to begin: if anything or anyone plots against you; just like Haman they will die by their strategies and their devices.

Haman must be hanged on his gallows!

(2 Corinthians 10 vs. 3-4,6) If you have an anointing in you, that anointing will not allow you to touch another anointing. If you have a demon, don’t fight against an anointed man because the anointed man controls the spirits.

Remember, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; they are spiritual. When you get to that level, you no longer fear the weapons that the enemy brings against you. In the spirit, there is a way that you can make use of the enemy’s strategies and weapons against them.

People will be killed by the hatred and jealousy that they have against you. But the reason why they are surviving is because you haven’t mastered spiritual things.

Forgiveness is not war. There is a time where warfare is necessary. If the scripture says weapons, what are the weapons for? You must also exercise and gain mastery over the spiritual things.

(vs. 6) When your righteousness is fulfilled, be ready to avenge. There is a time that God will ask you to do something concerning that.

The person who has control in the spirit controls everything. What you desire will always be found.

There is a special grace that will give you advantage over your enemies. Where they plotted against you, they will die by their plans! There are things that if you study and master, you will find out that our God called us into power. For the kingdom of God is power!

No matter how far away your enemies are, you can prove them that you are more powerful than them. Witches will be killed by their own witchcraft! You have power; your spirit has control over what is happening on the outside.

They might hate you but if they try to touch you, the power of God will overshadow you!