September 30, 2018

Create Your Own Peace

Create Your Own Peace

Matthew 5 vs. 9

Jesus went up the mountain after he had saw people following, and He even went up higher the mountain and sat down and started to teach about what theologians call “The Beatitudes”

Jesus said a lot of things before he got to what is written in verse 9 but I today I am going to talk to you about Peacemaking.

(vs. 9) Jesus said that when you make peace, it is proof that you are the children of God.

When I hear that from God, I sit down for a moment and think about it. I imagine being there on that day, hearing Jesus saying those words “Blessed are the peacemakers…”

Jesus here is telling us that peace can be created, meaning that you can create peace; you don’t have to look for it, you don’t have to wait for it; you create it.

(vs. 9) This means that this is one kind of a miracle that all of us can perform. If you find yourself in a place where there is no peace, Jesus is saying that you can create peace.

If people can create war, peace can also be created.

It is not every war that you have to fight. If you create peace, you are called the child of God because you would have acted like your Father.

Whenever I feel peace, and it is not the peace I have created, it means I am enjoying other people’s creations.

You have to create the peace that you want.

Why would Jesus call you a Peacemaker if the peace was going to be created by someone? You have to create the peace you desire. You are gifted by God to create peace in your own environment.

I know we all want to be used by God in many miraculous ways but here, Jesus is saying that if you can create peace, not prophecy or powerful miracles, that is proof that in you is the DNA of God.

(Matthew 10 vs. 12 -13) Jesus did not say the peace of God but your peace come upon the house. Transfer your peace. Don’t wish to get into any peaceful place but create your own with the peace that you carry and walk with into new places.

It is never the peace of that house that will determine your stay but your peace that you will bring into that house. We have the power to create peace. We don’t wait for peace to grow out of the ground; we have to create peace.

Some of you think that peace is the absence of war.

(John 20 vs. 19) The first word that Jesus said when He got into that room was ‘…Peace…’. There was no war in that house but Fear. Some of you have been terrorized too much and you have locked yourself behind doors saying if life is like this, then I will stay here.

But when Jesus found the disciples, they were not fighting but He said ‘Peace’

(Matthew 8 vs. 23-27) The Bible says that the storm was very terrible and the water was getting into the boat but Jesus didn’t wake because of the storm.

The storm didn’t wake up Jesus but His people. You are God’s biggest problem.

When Jesus stood up, He wanted them to see the reason why He was asleep in the midst of the storm, and then He said “…Peace be still…”

Jesus did not sleep because of the peace that was in the boat but because of His own peace and when he got a chance to put His own peace on the Sea, He said “…Peace, be still…”

I am not talking about war; there are storms in your life that are against peace.

There are moments that you have to intentionally release peace into your environment.

You have something that is not peace –Fear.

(John 12 vs. 19-21)I want you to understand this; when Jesus wanted His kingdom to be distributed everywhere, He sent His people everywhere. People should stop looking for the Kingdom of God when you arrive. They just have to reach out and receive the Kingdom of God.

These are my beliefs and values that have made me to be unbreakable. It is not what happens around me that determine my lifespan. You can live as long as you want as long as it is your peace that you have imparted on your things.

(John 16 vs. 33) Jesus is talking about two different things here. He is saying that when you are in me, you have peace but when you are in the world, you have tribulation. Jesus is the only place where peace is guaranteed. There is no peace in the world. Peace is only found in Him because He is the King of Salem.

(Matthew 10 vs. 34) Jesus is saying that I will not give my peace to the Earth but I will give my peace to my disciples to distribute the peace.

The world will have peace from you!

Jesus becomes our place of peace, not the Earth. When you realize that you no longer have peace, check your location.

(Acts 12 vs. 3-19) After Peter had received the same impartation of peace, he got into prison, knowing that he was going to be hanged the following day. Whilst he was in prison, the best thing that he thought of doing was to sleep. If it were you in prison, knowing that you are dying the following day, an all-night prayer was going to be recorded in the Bible.

Peter was reminded what Jesus would do when storms arise and he went to sleep. He slept up to a point where the voice of the angel could not wake him up. He was at peace. He was not controlled by his outer environment because of the inner power in him.

Where do we get the peace from?

(John 14 vs, 27) Jesus handed the peace to His disciples because He no longer needed it as He was about to go to heaven.

Proof that you have received peace is when you sleep in the midst of a storm.

We have not permitted God to deal with us but with our problems.

(vs. 27) Jesus is comparing Himself with the world. The world was trying to do what He was doing and He is saying He doesn’t do it the same way the world does it.

The peace that we have today is what has been given by the world but Jesus is saying that my peace is different from that of the world. If other countries can create war, you can create your own peace. Jesus is saying that what I can give to you, you cannot find it anywhere.

What you can do is to know that your spirit man is in Christ. You are not of the world though you are in the world.You have to make up your mind not to leave by the peace given by the world because it is not real. It is only in Jesus that you find true peace.

We cannot sit down and allow the devil to do what he wants. We have to create peace!

Be a peace maker. God wants you to comfort, God wants you to create peace. Don’t fight priceless wars. If you are fighting, make sure that you are creating peace.

Today you have to introduce your peace. The word of God has said you have peace that is called yours. Don’t keep it inside; release the peace into the atmosphere!