June 19, 2018

Creating Your Own Environment

Creating Your Own Environment

Mark 6 vs. 5

In the beginning of chapter 6 of the above-quoted scripture, we’re told that Jesus decided to visit His own people in His own town. His intention was to introduce the Kingdom of God to the people that were close to Him and minister to them but the Bible is saying that he could not do certain miracles due to the people’s unbelief.

The people did not believe in Him that’s why Jesus couldn’t do certain works.

I believe it is high time you create an environment that makes you, you!

Personally when I study the word of God, I take the word of God seriously. The above-quoted verse is saying that in a certain place, Jesus couldn’t fully exercise His power as God. With all His power, with all His might, still, He couldn’t perform certain outstanding miracles because the people didn’t believe in Him.

So if there are such places on Earth were Jesus couldn’t be Jesus, it also means you cannot be yourself in certain places, despite how educated or talented you are.

There are certain places that bring the worst out of you. This might be the reason why you are struggling; you might be wondering what is wrong with you but it is the place where you are.

You can be the best version of yourself because of the people surrounding you!

(Mark 6) Jesus had to walk away, which means if we don’t believe in God, He changes His approach.

(Mathew 23 vs. 37) Jesus looked at the city of Jerusalem and His will was to gather them all but that did not happen. Right there , if you study the word of God, you will discover that there is the will of God that needs you to participate for it to be fulfilled.

(Mathew 6 vs.10) If the will of God was automatic, why then did Jesus tell his disciples to pray saying let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven?

Have you ever realised how the people surrounding you do not believe in you, and that is why you cannot do any might works?

(2 Kings 3 vs. 10-) Your biggest problem is when you don’t have a prophet in your life. Jehoshaphat had a deeper revelation that your prosperity is based in your belief in a prophet and your establishment is based on your belief in God.

(vs.13) Elisha had refused to prophesy to them because they had their own gods but we he saw Jehoshaphat, he then decided to prophesy because Jehoshaphat had an understanding of the prophetic.  There are certain people in your life that will cause you to miss the things of God. You are no longer able to function well because of the people around you.

(Genesis 12) Abraham was asked to leave his country in order for him to be a father of nations. There are places that starve you and compromise you that you will never be able to fly.

You have to make bold decisions and walk away from certain places that make you weak.

If you work in a company that you don’t like, you are killing yourself.

Don’t serve a boss that you don’t admire because you are not there just to get money but an impartation because there is transference of character.

You are so gifted but you are a nobody today because of certain places that you have chosen. You are trying to rise up in life but you don’t even have the energy to lift your body up. It is because of the environment around you.

(Revelation 4 vs. 11) The earth wasn’t created just for us; it was also created for God’s pleasure.

Pleasure is not demonic.

God wants to look at the earth and get motivated by what He sees. You were given the same power by God to create things around you that give you pleasure.

What do you enjoy listening to?

Something on the inside of you can jump out of you and do crazy things if only the right environment is created.

What do you see that motivates you? There is discouragement, hopelessness around you. Your environment is not good for you.

There is an environment that makes you feel like a god. Play music that makes you feel like you can fly. There is something placed on the inside of you that can have an outside trigger which will make it to flow out like a volcano.

You have seen the life that you are supposed to live but you are not motivated enough because everything and the people surrounding you are discouraging you.

Why is it that Israel had to sing a song for God to be motivated to fight for them? God Himself needs motivation, how about you?

There is a little light on the inside of you that people can’t see. They talk to you about your past and not your future.

It was the will of God for all the children of Israel to get to Canaan but they perished, save for Caleb and Joshua. It was the will of God but it required them to participate!

Discover those places that discourage you. If that place is your workplace or church, you need to do something about it. Don’t stay under a ministry that brings the worst out of you. If you discover the place, walk away.

If you have a friend who speaks bad about their leaders, walk away from them. It creates a negative energy around you. Confess positive things.

Never complain about things that you can change; just change them.

Don not sit on the table with your children and begin to speak against a man of God. You will be killing them because you will be nurturing unbelief in them and in the future, you will need the same men of God to pray for your children.

Don’t speak against fathers; it doesn’t require courage but foolishness.

Be a good experience to the people around you. When you walk into a room, people should be motivated. When you come across a friend who is bleeding, you must heal them.

A church cannot be a church just because of the leader. You as a member you have a role to play by creating a good environment for other people who come close to you.

Choose wisely. Everything that you do affects your environment. Create your own world that you want to see; you have the power to create it!