January 13, 2019

Creativity: Contrary Wind

Creativity: Contrary Wind

Matthew 14 vs. 14-29

Before Jesus asked His disciples to go to the other side after he had fed the 5000 with five fish and bread that were given to Him by the boy.

When Jesus saw the multitude, He was moved with compassion. The first thing He did was to heal their sick and the second thing was that the disciples bade him to send the people away because it was getting dark and they had no food to feed them. But Jesus said do not chase them away; give them something to eat.

Jesus was about to perform a miracle that he had no intention of performing the miracle Himself. He is a creative God and He created creative creatures that had to create like Him.

But His creatures; the disciples, came with an idea that had nothing to do with creativity. Notice what He had said and what He didn’t say. He didn’t say give me the fish and loaves, He said; you (the disciples) give them something to eat. He wanted the disciples to come up with a plan.

He started by giving them an opportunity to perform the same miracle. He wanted the people to eat but as a result of their miracle.

In other words, Jesus was saying that I have been creative all my life but I now, it was the time for the disciples to be creative. He wanted the disciples to do what they saw Him doing.

The disciples had the bread and fish. They didn’t know what to do with the little that they had. Instead of performing the miracle with the little that they had, they brought it to God.

We are keeping God busy. God is interested in resting. With the little that you have, do something.

Jesus said to the disciples; give ye them something to eat and they failed. They were commanded by the Lord and they failed. I am amazed at humans’ ability to fight against God’s word.

Do you know that this earth that we have today is different from the earth that was originally created by God? Do humans have the ability to destroy what was created by God? I think so.

(Mark 11 vs. 15) in this verse, Jesus is coming to the temple as the Lamb of sacrifice for the Passover but he found other competitors there; goats and sheep in the temple. He wanted the people to prepare for Him but people had other options (goats and sheep) instead of the perfect sacrifice; Jesus.

(Mark 11 vs. 17) Jesus called them thieves, which means we have the ability to change what God says. If people could get into the house of God and convert it into a den of thieves, people can also get into the earth and change it. When God created the earth, it was blessed but it is now cursed because of us. It was supposed to be a house of peace but now it is a den of thieves.

We are all creative either in a negative way or in a positive way. Whichever way, we are creative.

(Matthew 14 vs. 22) Jesus constrained them to get into the ship to go to the other side. There was water in between but Jesus encouraged them to get into the ship. (vs. 25) Now as they were sailing to the other side, Jesus went up into the mountain to pray.

Jesus perceived and saw them struggling at the centre of the sea. He was in the mountain and though the disciples were far from him, Jesus could see them struggling with the wind that was contrary.

Jesus walked to the disciples and still found them in the middle of the sea. Only Peter asked for the permission to walk on water. The rest were comfortable in the boat. God wasn’t against them being in the boat. He is the one who had compelled them to get into the boat.

You can be in a place where God gave you permission to be in a few years ago but there comes a time when you are called by Jesus to another place.

(Matthew 14 vs. 29) Jesus said to Peter, come. So Jesus is asking Peter to disobey the first instruction. He is the one who constrained him to get into the boat but it was time for another level; one level of life to another level of life.

You have to say that I don’t want this level of life, I want the supernatural. Other creations are constrained in the boat but I do not want to be like them.

(1 Thessalonians 2 vs. 18) You have desires this year but never underestimate how the devil is going to fight you. Paul wanted to move from one place to the other; he was ready for a shift but the devil didn’t allow that. The devil resisted him.

There are places that you are never going to reach unless you are willing to fight contrary spirits.

(Acts 27 vs. 11) The Centurion did not listen to what Paul was saying. The Centurion listened to the most educated people of his time but disobeyed the voice of God. Others claimed to own the ship but Paul had the God who controls the weather.

You have to make a decision this January; either to remain with the group of cowards and fools or to get out of the boat and walk and work like Jesus.

(Mark 11 vs. 14) When Jesus cursed the tree, the disciples heard it. Jesus did not push or touch or break the tree; He just spoke against it.

The tree was contrary to what Jesus wanted to do so He spoke against it. Don’t remain quiet; speak against what you see contrary to you.

Have you ever been in a place where you feel like you need to move but the following morning you are still in the same place? Some of you will discover that it is not the wind that is contrary to you but the systems. But if you leave the boat, you can walk on water.

(Daniel 9 vs 2) Whilst he was in captivity, Daniel began to study and He began to ask God when the deliverance is going to come.

Jeremiah had said that Israel was going to come back after 70 years but after 70 years, no one went back to Israel but that doesn’t make Jeremiah a false prophet. Because according to God, you are not supposed to suffer for long.

Daniel is studying why they were staying too long in poverty. Daniel was studying because God is not a man, He doesn’t lie. He wanted to know why deliverance had not come at the time that God had said.

Daniel started praying and fasting and crying before God for the prophecy that was given to come to pass. So in other words, Daniel had to pray for the prophecy to come to pass.

(Zachariah 10 vs.. 1) If it is time for rain, why should we pray for rain in the time of rain? Zechariah is saying that even if it is time for the rain, you have to pray for the rain because there are contrary spirits. You have to participate and be creative. You have to make sure that there are no contrary spirits.

When you get into you prophetic season, you are expected to act accordingly. Don’t speak against your prophecy.

You have to work out miracles, be creative.

(1 Samuel 16) God never gave Samuel the name of David. Samuel had to work out something to find a way to find the one.

You are in the place but you don’t know how to work out the miracle. You can feel it in your flesh, blood and spirit that this is your time but there is a wind that is contrary.

God wants to do exploits in your nation through your hands. God called His people to a dry land but why did he call them to a dry land, it is because he gave them a huge blessing.

How many want to escape the system, to be different from their family members?

All you need is permission form the Lord to move to another level.

Some of you have been disqualified but the world but the Lord is qualifying but the Lord is qualifying you.

When you begin to pray, pray as if your time has come! Some of you are going to be anointed by God to prove systems wrong and show them that God is also your ruler.

Now that you know that your time has come, you don’t fold your hands; you pray! Now that you know that it is the season of rain, you begin to ask for the rain from the Lord.