January 6, 2019

Creativity: FOCUS

Creativity: FOCUS

(Psalm 144 vs. 1) Blessed be the Lord who is my strength. In this case, God is no longer just giving you strength but He is your strength. God is no longer giving you strategy but He is your strategy. It is no longer Him fighting the battle but you fighting the battle because why would He teach your fingers to fight if He is going to fight your wars?

With God being your strength, you shall not be tired this year. He is your strength, you cannot exhaust God.  He is not giving you energy; He has become your energy.

This might be the reason why some battles are still pending because God wants you to fight those battles. You are coming here to so that you can have your hands trained to war by God and your fingers to fight. At this level, the Holy Spirit is not only training you how to pray but how to fight.  The Holy Spirit is an anointing that provokes action. When the Holy Spirit comes upon creation, it becomes creative.

He is the same Spirit that hovered upon the face of the deep and God created (Genesis 1 vs. 2). He is the same Spirit that came over Mary and in the absence of a husband she became pregnant (Luke 1 vs. 35). When it comes on you, you cannot remain alone; you multiply because it is the Spirit of Multiplication.

When God formed us, He said I will want to see my people having dominion over everything. They must have power over everything.

Man was created and placed in the garden to manage it. The first man that God created was not a priest or a prophet. He was a manager. He was placed in the garden to manage.

The reason why God had to raise priests and prophets was because man had fallen from what God created him to be. So Pastors, Teachers, Apostles and Prophets, you were all called to resuscitate men back to his original state of creativity. Man should be reinstated to his original state of Power.

Ephesians 2 vs 10

(vs 10) God created a work for the worker. Your purpose in your life was not created after you were created; there was work for you that was already ordained before you were created.

(Numbers 21 vs 4-9) When God wanted to move His children physically from a physical place (Egypt) into a physical Canaan, a spiritual person had to be raised to do that physical work. The educated and politians did not qualify for that work and in as much as it was a physical work, there was need for a spiritual person to move them to a physical place.

(vs. 4) Most people are discouraged by God’s ways. The Israelites complained about the ways of God and God heard them and He sent snakes.

(vs 6-7) Moses, after he had prayed and the people continued to die from the poisonous snakes, God told him to be creative by creating his own brazen snake. God told him to create something better and the people had to focus on it.

What will save you from a toxic economic situation is not prayer but creativity.

What is it in this year that if you focus on, you will not die? What will be your brazen snake?

The snakes that were biting the Israelites were on the ground level but the one that saved them was on a higher level, lifted up. Stop thinking small. All of your problems are on a lower level but the solutions that will deliver you are on a higher level.  Don’t reduce yourself to the lower level. All you need to do is to look up because that is where your solutions are.

Isaiah 8 vs. 11

(vs 11) Isaiah is saying that he learnt through God’s hand; he observed and learnt through creativity he heard what God was saying.

Child of God, can you hear the voice of God is it comes in the form of a hand? Will you be able to hear His voice?

The Prophet heard God’s voice by simply the movement of God’s hand. So by the movement of His hand, God will be speaking.

(John 15 vs 15) We like to call ourselves the servants of God but is that what God is calling you? Failure to observe the hand of the Master is what qualifies one to be a servant. What makes you a servant is being ignorant of what the Master is doing

So we graduate from servanthood to friendship. We were servants last year but this year we are friends.

(vs 15) Jesus is calling them friends not based on time but the ability to observe the hand of the Master. When you see and observe the Master’s actions, you become a friend, not a servant.

(vs 18) When a Prophet declares a theme, it is not a theme for everybody Isaiah said “…as for me and my children…” so Creativity is not going to be happening everywhere; it is for myself and the children given to me by the Lord.

Abraham had to be creative, not in conceiving but in raising a child in his old age. How do you train your child to walk when you can’t walk? You have to be honest with your children; tell them that they can do much better than what you have done.

(Isaiah 8 vs 11) When God speaks to His prophets, He uses His hand. Right there, God was teaching preachers another way of preaching, and that is through the work of your hands.

This year you need to speak through your hand! You will be heard through your powerful hand. There is an idea that God gave you, a work that will make noise and your people will hear your voice through it.

If you are not going to support your success, what is your plan B? Are the systems of this world ever going to support you? What is your plan?

(Proverbs 30 vs 24 -25) What will you do if your size is smaller than your dream? You might be strong physically but mentally weak.

God’s idea was for the church to be very productive. In the Garden of Eden, there were no chairs but work. You can be in the industry and make money in a way that worships God.

The church must be a place of creativity.

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