February 3, 2019

PRAYER: How To Pray

PRAYER: How To Pray

Luke 11 vs. 1

When the time for greatness comes for many of God’s children, they do not pray. They just want it to happen. But never think that when it is for it to happen, it will just happen.

This could be your time, this could be your year but you have to pray for God’s hand even during the year that God has given to you.

(Exodus 2 vs. 23-25) When people are in bondage, they ought to cry. But there are sometimes when God doesn’t respond to crying depending with your dispensation. You have to know where you are in terms of covenants and dispensations. As you are praying, make sure that you don’t pray the in the same way that was done by a man who was not in your dispensation. It might not be similar to your context. What people called ‘prayer’ in the Old Testament might not be seen as prayer in the New Testament by God.

(vs. 24) God was reminded of the covenant that he had with Abraham because of the groaning of the children of Israel.

When you are in bondage, affliction, tortured, in extreme pain and then you groan, your groaning is regarded as prayer. There are times that you groan and God hears that as prayer. These are prayers that even if God is to answer, you might not remember when you did that prayer.

There are times when we know we have to pray but we don’t know how to pray.

Is there a way that we have to pray or we just have to pray to the right God? Yes, we have to pray to the right God but He requires us to pray and talk to him in the right way.

(Luke 11) Jesus is teaching the disciples how to pray but they do not know what prayer is. According to my understanding, every other discussion that the disciples had with Jesus, it was prayer because prayer is talking to God and when Jesus responded to them, that was God answering them.

Even the question that they asked “…teach us how to pray…”that was a prayer. Every conversation that they had with Jesus was prayer.

What makes you to say that prayer is short is because you don’t know where prayer starts and ends. Your prayers are longer than you think. Even your conversations, stories are going to be answered because they are prayers (Malachi 3 vs. 16).

Jesus had walked on water, raised the dead and opened the eyes of the blind but the disciples came to the same Jesus; they didn’t ask Him to teach them how to walk on water, they didn’t ask Him to teach them to raise the dead or to open the eyes of the blind. They asked Him to teach them how to pray, which means they had a revelation that all the things that Jesus was doing were as a result of His prayer life.

If you can pray like Jesus, you can walk on water like Jesus.

Everything that we see Jesus doing, it is emanating from His prayer life. If you ask Jesus to teach you how to pray, you will have what Jesus had and you will perform the same miracles.

(Matthew 8 vs. 19-20, Matthew 8 vs. 19-20) The verse says Jesus is not going to do it because of the prayer but agreement. The ‘two’ that are being referred to there do not mean that every time you pray, you have to have a prayer partner. When you get into your secret place; you are not the only one who is praying. There is the physical and the spiritual side of you. These two have to agree for a prayer to be answered.

Jesus is referring to you and your flesh that if you two can come to an agreement and your spirit says to your flesh; let us go to the house of God for prayer, that agreement is what Jesus said will cause my father in Heaven to do it for you!

(Matthew 11 vs. 22) Jesus didn’t say have faith in your faith but faith in God. Sometimes we say things are not happening because we don’t have faith but Jesus is saying have faith in God and things will happen.

(vs. 23) Wherever you are, whether you have money or nothing in your pocket, Jesus is saying that if you can say to a mountain and there is no conflict in you, it shall be done. Jesus is saying let not your heart doubt what your spirit is saying.

If you make a declaration and speak, your flesh has to be in agreement with your spirit. That is the greatest battle that is stopping certain miracles to happen in the lives of certain people.

There has to be an agreement between the two.

Jesus couldn’t say that ‘speak to a mountain’ if the mountain didn’t have the intelligence of moving from a place. He couldn’t have said that if it didn’t have the intelligence to see and discern whether one has doubt in their heart.

Right there, Jesus told us that your problem has the power to investigate whether or not you have doubt in what you are saying.

There is need of an agreement between your flesh and your spirit. Your flesh has to agree that is has been afflicted and wants to leave Egypt. God wants you to be liberated from Egypt!

When your flesh cries out, let your spirit join and also cry out with it. No matter how Egypt may be good for you, it is not your land of promise.

The Israelites did not leave Egypt even after Pharaoh died because Pharaoh is not a person but a system. They didn’t leave because Pharaoh had died; they left because they had prayed. There was no fence or walls but there was a wind that kept the people in a place of poverty.

Why didn’t God just kill Pharaoh and all the Egyptians? It is because He was dealing with a system.

When you pray, you don’t just rise up against people but also systems that recruit the people that are fighting you.

You can pray one minute and then you spend the whole day believing what you prayed for and your whole day becomes prayer.

Believe that what you pray for will come to pass. Let your spirit and your flesh agree!

(Romans 8 vs. 34, Hebrews 7 vs. 25) Jesus is an intercessor. Before, Jesus would go into the mountain to pray but now He is in you and He is praying for you, whilst in you.

Sometimes when you desire certain things, it is not you desiring those things but Jesus in you. The way you desire to heal the sick, to be blessed so that you can take care of widows and orphans; that is Jesus in you making intercession.

You have to come to a place where you tell your flesh and your spirit that you have to agree so that mountains can be moved!