January 27, 2019

Creativity: How To Pray

Creativity: How To Pray

Living in a time like this, it is important that you’re taught on how to pray. In a time like this there is a prayer that works and it works in the sense that it makes you work. If you’re sensitive to spiritual activities you’ll be able to interpret what will be happening.

Before you begin to fight spiritual warfare, fight knowing what was written about it and never pray against a situation that you don’t understand. Rather pray for understanding.

(Luke 18:1) Jesus said man always has to pray always and not to faint. This statement was spoken by Jesus and it is Him who gives value to it. He’s saying its either you’re always praying or always fainting. I don’t care how beautiful or good-looking you are, if you aren’t praying always, you’re fainting always and every little battle will destroy you. Prayerlessness causes people to faint, not the economy or the devaluation of the dollar.

There is a prayer that can make your physical hands to be strong, a prayer that you do and you can physically carry a burden and throw it away. Prayer doesn’t only empower your spirit man but the physical. If you’re going to be creative this year, there is need for a certain prayer to be done.

(Genesis 21:17-19)The parent and the child cried to God but God heard the cries of the child because the child prayed. There is an offering that can pray more than you can pray.  If you’re lazy to pray, give birth to something which prays for you every day. Something that you gave birth to is interceding on your behalf and this year and your eyes shall open.

What we don’t have is not water but sight. Who said there is no water in the desert? They are those who went into the desert without praying. We have learnt that you can drink water in the desert from those who went there and drank water.

I have decided not to listen to people. This is not a desert. Your life is not as dry as you think it is.

If you study your Bible, it says that right after transfiguration, the Bible says after Jesus had finished praying, his face changed and his clothes shone.

There is a prayer that you can do that can change your appearance and complexion. If Jesus hadn’t prayed, His countenance wouldn’t have changed.

When you pray, there is something physical about you that changes; your language changes.

(Matthew 17 vs. 21) Jesus found a man whose son was vexed with evil spirits. As soon as Jesus arrived, the Father reported the disciples to Jesus. He said they failed to cast out devils. That is what people do; if they come to church with their sick and they don’t get healed, they blame the man of God.

(vs. 17) The word “suffer” there means …to permit, to allow…, which means they were allowed to do it but something was not allowing them to execute; which is prayerlessness.

Using God to solve problems that you were allowed to solve is called lack of faith and perverseness. The problems that you are facing are small compared to the power that is given to you by God.

(vs. 21) There are situations that you can handle without prayer or fasting but this kind needs prayer and fasting.

So the question now is; what had the disciples tried? We know that the disciples had already tried to pray for this young man but nothing happened. So if Jesus then said to them “…only prayer and fasting…” what had the disciples done?

What Jesus is trying to say is that most of what we call prayer is not even prayer, which means what we have defined as prayer is not hat Jesus calls prayer.

The way Jesus handled this was that He rebuked the devil. Prayer is communicating with God. Casting out devils is not prayer; it is exercising the power of God in you!

Jesus is not saying that you start by fasting and praying when a problem is presented before you. You have to pray in advance before the devil comes after you. There is an account of prayer and fasting where you deposit your prayer for that time when you will face a problem and you don’t know how to pray.

Some of you are facing a dilemma. You are fighting and praying against a problem that you are facing today. What should have delivered you today is the prayer that you should have done yesterday.

You will come across situations that will not allow you to pray but then you have to exercise the power that you have accumulated when you prayed before you get into that situation.

When Jesus said “…only by prayer and fasting…” was He referring to this young man’s prayer and fasting? No. He was referring to the disciples’ prayer and fasting. Sometimes what will help your husband or wife are not their prayers but your prayers. Your prayer and fasting does not only save you but also those around you. That is the reason why Jesus’ prayer and fasting saved the young man with the lunatic spirit.

Our prayers should cover everyone and the country becomes good because of us.

The things that are coming your way should find you well prayed and fasted.

(Haggai 2 vs. 5) God is saying my spirit will be with you not because you are good people but because of the covenant that I made with you. He then says “…fear not…” not because there will be nothing that can cause you to fear but the day you left the kingdom of darkness and accepted Jesus, God had a covenant with you and His Spirit is with you.

(vs.6-7) How many believe that there is a shaking worldwide? If you follow the media, you will realise that in almost every country, there is protests. By saying “…the desire of all nations shall come…”(vs.7) Jesus is referring to the leadership being desired by all nations.

There is a man who has all the leadership qualities that people are looking for and that is Jesus! He is the desire of all nations.

(vs. 7) The word “glory” in this verse is not referring to shining but abundance, wealth, treasure. The writer is saying after the shaking, the house that shall be filled is the Church and it shall be filled with treasure, abundance and wealth. The way God wants to enrich His church is amazing!

(vs. 8) The reason why God wants to prosper His church is because silver and gold are His. There is a revival of cash that is happening; there is a wave of prosperity blowing.

All these years we thought that silver and gold was for the heathens but God is saying I will prove to you that wealth is mine. Tables are about to turn. After the shaking, there is going to be a restoration of the lost treasure.

(vs. 9) This prophecy is also about this time that we are in. The riches, the wealth and the abundance shall be greater!

People want the right leader and peace. God is saying “…from this house…” which means peace is going to be created from the church. Don’t underestimate the church! If you are going to find peace, it is going to be from the church.

I want you to know that the reason why there is a shaking is because there is going to be a concentration of glory that is going to be in His church. All this shaking that you are seeing, it is God looking for His gold.

Don’t be afraid of what you are seeing. God is shaking the earth because He is taking His money that was taken by the heathens.

Money, treasure and wealth are coming to the house of God!

When you pray, you are qualifying yourself for the riches and treasures. What God is doing is not shaking you but shaking the world for you. As you pray from today, don’t ask the Lord to provide, pray that you have your eyes opened.

It doesn’t matter where you are today; the Heavens are looking at you and you have a different title. You must desire to be used by God to deliver your generation. Some of you will be separated from the crowds.

God is transforming you from the glory of the previous church to the current church! God will raise you to become a financial prophet, a financial evangelist and a financial apostle.

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