September 8, 2019

Do Not Fear

Do Not Fear

Luke 8 vs. 50

Last Sunday we were talking about the coming of Faith and the coming of Hearing by the word of God.

(vs. 41-42) Jairus went to Jesus and fell on Jesus’ feet and told the Lord that his daughter was sick.

That day, Jairus made a decision to go where Jesus was, not to the Synagogue, despite the fact that he was in charge of the Synagogue. He left his Synagogue and went to Jesus.

These guys knew that Jesus was different from them; His ministry was unique because when He spoke, things happened. He knew that by visiting Jesus, He had visited God. This man was completely convinced that if Jesus comes to his home, something good, something right was going to happen. That is all the man needed because he had a situation at home.

As a man of God, if you are not prophetic enough, you might pass over people based on their appearance yet they have problems. People have mastered the art of covering up and hiding things.   Jairus came to Jesus but he left his problem at home.

(vs. 43) This woman came on the way and she said, If I can just touch the helm of His garment. She fought through the crowd and touched the helm of Jesus’ garment and she was made whole; not by prayer but by touching the helm of Jesus’ garment.

If you look at this, she was careful not to touch Him because she didn’t want to be recognized. She didn’t want to be known. So she touched the area that was not part of Jesus’ body; an area that she thought Jesus was not sensitive in to that extent.

But then she received a shock of her life. (vs. 45) After she had touched Jesus, Jesus said someone has touched me.

Anything that gets in touch with something that is connected to Him, that thing would have touched Jesus. Many things are an extension of His Body. Jesus had a way of blending Himself with things close to Him. Anything that touches Him becomes Him. Anything connected to Him carries His Power.

(vs. 46) Jesus said he felt the movement of His virtue. Something moved. There is a level in the Spirit where you can extract power from a Man of God without His consent. This woman and Jesus had not agreed but the Power moved from Jesus to her.

What was the power doing in a Jesus that was not bleeding? Someone out there is so desperate for this power. Jesus is carrying the solution, you are carrying problems. The power of healing for this woman was not in her, but in someone. And she touched Jesus because she knew it was there. And when she did so, she got her healing.

(vs. 48) Jesus said “…Your Faith has healed you…”, not Jesus’ Faith but her Faith. Not only did she have an issue of blood (a disease), she had Faith!

(vs. 48) Because of what had happened, Jesus had to declare peace over this woman with the issue of Blood. It is not enough to get something from God. After receiving a miracle from the helm of Jesus’ garment, He has to declare peace over you. Every dollar that is added on you, it has to be followed with Peace because there are people watching you, ready to fight you because they thing everything that you receive is supposed to be theirs.

(vs. 50) Jesus heard them and said, Fear not; she shall be made whole. What is amazing is that we have the same Jesus who is Powerful and he raises the Dead and in this case, He tells this man not to fear but he remains fearful.

What is the mystery behind Fear? (Mark 4 vs. 37-41) Jesus once told His disciples to fear not. He then told the sea to be calm and it obeyed but he told his disciples to be calm but they became more fearful.

Jesus was asleep in the midst of the crisis and the disciples came to Him and woke Him up. Jesus was angry with them, asking them why they were so afraid. He rebuked them for that fear that led them to Him.

You must not be led to God by Fear but by Faith! There are so many people who are in church because they fear Hellfire. God doesn’t like to see people praying because they fear Hell.

Why are you afraid?

What makes people to be more fearful are the visuals; what they see. So many things are happening around us and they can generate fear. Negative information; when you hear it, you become afraid.

Do you know that 95 percent of things that we fear are never going to happen? And even the 5 percent will happen because of your fear.

Don’t be afraid. All the things happening around you might be justifying the fear in you. But even if the message came from home telling the Synagogue ruler that his daughter was dead, Jesus said do not be afraid! Do not listen to them!

If Jesus tells you not to be afraid, even if you hear that the situation is worsening, do not fear!

Sometimes God takes His time to solve problems because He knows that even if it gets to the worst, he will solve it so long you do not fear.

Fear is dangerous. Even the weakest and smallest of diseases; if they find enough supply of fear to feed on, they will grow.

(2 Timothy 1 vs. 7) We were not given the spirit of Fear but the Spirit of Power!

But here Jesus is saying, DO NOT FEAR!




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