June 28, 2020

Economic Witchcraft 2

Economic Witchcraft 2
4 Signs of Economic Witchcraft
1. FINANCIAL ILLITERACY – Do you understand what Money is?
2. MISPLACED VALUE – Do you know what carries real value?
3. INGRATITUDE – Are you grateful enough?
4. DEBT – Do you know what it really means to be in Debt?
If there is a reason why the rich are rich, there is also a reason why the poor are poor. You cannot be poor without a reason and you must ask yourself why you are poor.
There is a maintenance of poverty. Having it every single day and not losing it; it means that there is a way it is being maintained. There must be a temperature or an environment that you have been maintaining since the day you were born that is helping that poverty to survive.
Genesis 41 vs1 – 4
When the fat and well-favored cattle came up and out of the water, they were already fat and they moved on to feed in the meadow. They were feeding not to become fat but to maintain their stature.
The other seven thin, ill-favored cattle stood beside the seven fat cattle that were feeding in the meadow and fed on them.
These ill-favored cattle fed on the wrong diet; they ate meat instead of vegetation, like the other cattle. And from that, you can tell what made them to become as thin as they were – a wrong diet.
The first seven cattle were fat because they fed on the right stuff. The other seven cattle were thin because they fed on the wrong stuff.
The rich are rich because they are feeding on the right stuff. And the poor are sometimes poor because they are trying to feed off the rich. What the rich are spending most of their time doing is not what the poor are doing.
The rich are focusing on the right diet but the poor are focusing on the rich.
Poverty, lack and insufficiency thrive in the absence of financial vision.
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