September 1, 2019

Faith Comes By Hearing

Faith Comes By Hearing

Romans 10 vs. 17

If you are to study the entire chapter, Paul started by telling the Jews in the first verse that his desire and prayer for Israel is that they might be saved (vs.1)

Paul is dealing here with Faith; Faith that is required so that you can have a miracle happening to you. Every time a miracle is performed, Faith is considered. Faith is a requirement. Faith is the currency. Faith is a must-have.

Without Faith, you might not have any miracle happening to you.

Paul is telling us how Faith is generated. In this scripture, he is not telling us how Faith is created but how it comes to you already created – through hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Have you ever asked yourself this question; why is this problem I’m having not responding to prayer? Let’s say you have seven problems and you can vividly remember praying for all of them but maybe only three disappeared and then you are left with four. You were believing God for a miracle in those areas but nothing happened.

And then a Pastor comes to you and then tells you, Have Faith and believe in God. One would begin to wonder how many times do they have to believe in God.

Understand this. Some problems are light and some are heavy. Some conditions are small and some conditions are big, although they are all problems. So if you are dealing with major areas of your Life, certain measure of Faith is required. You cannot have the same level of Faith for all conditions.

Faith comes in sizes. Jesus at one point called it Little Faith (Matthew8 vs. 26). If you try to use small Faith for a bigger miracle, that thing might not even happen.

(Romans 10 vs. 2) You desire the things of God so much but you lack knowledge. What you just have is zeal and I have met a lot of people like that in my walk with God –full of zeal but without knowledge.

(vs.3) He goes on to say that the knowledge you lack is on the righteousness of God. And because of that, you have gone around, creating your own righteousness; leaving the righteousness of God.

He calls this zeal without knowledge. You must have knowledge of His righteousness.

When you try to put your Faith to work and it doesn’t produce results, you must understand not only yourself but your Faith. What kind of Faith is it?

The money notes you are using today have not always been there. Some came and they were phased out and they lost their value.

The same is with Faith.  There is Faith that is invalid; Faith that you used yesterday to have a miracle done. If you try to use that Faith today, it will not work because it is already used up. You cannot keep on buying with the same money. You can’t continue using the same Faith for different problems because you used up your Faith.

There are times you get prayed for until you get tired. And you might end up asking; how can I revive myself? How can I have miracles in areas that I thought I would never get?

The principle is right here; Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

When you hear the word of God, Faith comes and it comes complete. All you need is to hear and when you hear, what comes is Faith! When Faith comes to you, it is not necessarily coming to you but to the word you have received. No matter who you are or your background, if Faith finds the Word in you, it will come.

So long you have the Word in you, Faith will not segregate you. Faith is not racial. Faith goes where the word is. It is no longer about the money that you have in your pocket but the word in you.

(vs. 17) “…hearing…” This is in present continuous tense. You must have not just heard the voice of God but continuously hearing the word of God.

Your current problem requires you to hear because the Faith you had, came to the word that you heard yesterday. But Faith has to come today to a word that you have heard today.

Today’s miracle cannot be transacted by what you heard yesterday because you used that Faith. So you cannot come to church, relying on what you heard before. You cannot use the same money to buy new things because it was used already.

If you need to have a new miracle today, when the man of God says you are healed, do not listen to him like you have heard him before. You have to hear him again for that day because Faith comes by hearing, not having heard, the word of God.

If what I told you did not produce results, it is because you never heard me. Do not consider it as hearing because Faith never came to you. When you want a miracle to happen, you expose your problem to new environments.

That is why most people who come to church for the first are the ones that get healed.

Have a new word today over that condition today like you have never heard it before.You have to be hearing for Faith to come. It doesn’t come because you have heard.

You might have been in ministry for more than 15 years but it doesn’t mean that your problem has been in the presence of God for the same time.

Train yourself to be present when the word of God is being spoken; forget everything else.

Don’t deceive yourself. If you don’t receive enough Faith to remove poverty, then you didn’t hear anything. Today’s generation always desires new revelations and new teachings all the time and that is why their growth is not consistent. A sermon can be repeated, not for you just to heat but for you to change.

So for me to have new Faith, I have to hear what God is saying now for Faith to come.

So one might ask; what if I can’t hear? Two things are being said that they come’; Faith comes by hearing and Hearing from the word of God. The word of God comes with the power and the ability for people to understand it.

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