February 24, 2019

God of Bethel: The Bethel Anointing

God of Bethel: The Bethel Anointing

We are aware that God is present and when He is present, He is up to something

Genesis 31 vs. 1-13

(vs.1) Though Jacob was a dreamer; he was also a very attentive person. He was very sensitive when it comes to dreams and equally sensitive during the day.

It is very important to hear what people are saying about you. It might not carry any importance but sometimes you have to hear what they are saying.

There is a time when Jesus wanted to know about what the people and His disciples say about him. In as much as God will reveal hidden things to you in your secret place, you also have to hear what people are saying about you.

You can be blessed but not have control over your blessing. This is how unbelievers seem to be succeeding more than you because they start businesses and employ you so they control your blessing.

But I see the children of God are going to be creative and establish their own businesses!

(vs.1)Laban admitted that I am aware that I have been blessed because of Jacob’s sake. Laban never got an extra degree; all he needed was for the right man to visit him, and when Jacob visited Laban, Laban was blessed because of Jacob who was carrying the anointing of Bethel.

But Jacob heard the sons saying that he had come to steal their father (Laban)’s wealth, besides the fact that Laban had admitted that he had been blessed because of Jacob. But listen to what the sons are saying about the person who was the reason behind their father’s blessing.

Some of you will have a problem in the organizations and companies that you work for. After you have worked hard, you might get dismissed. There are issues that will rise against you, even though that company or organization was blessed because of you. But that is time when the God of Bethel as to begin to work for you.

(vs. 2) Child of God, you must hear and see. Jacob heard what the sons of Laban were saying and saw the countenance of Laban. When you get to that point where your blessing has manifested, the faces of people surrounding you will begin to change.

They want the blessing to work for them but not for you.

When you help them to make money, they have no problem with that but when your blessing helps you to make money, their countenance change.

(vs. 7)Was Jacob not blessed? He was blessed but he was cheated 10 times. You can have the blessing of God but you can be deceived and cheated more than 10 times. But though Jacob was cheated, the God of His father suffered him not to be hurt by Laban.

When you leave your house, be aware that there is someone out there who is seeking to destroy and kill you. It doesn’t matter what you have or who you are. That is why you need the hand of God to be continuously upon you.

Can you imagine how many people want you dead right now? So long you are blessed, someone wants to kill you. But you are here because God suffered them not to hurt you.

Do you want God to bless you more? Do you then want to be persecuted more? The faces of the people around you will begin to change. More blessing comes with more persecution.

(Mark 10 vs. 30) Jesus said if you sow towards the gospel, you will have your blessing multiplied but with persecution. It is better to be persecuted with the blessing rather than without. Who cares? I will rather be blessed.

If you are blessed, especially in Africa, it is not a safe place. You have to be able to manage the people.

That is how Laban works against your blessing but what will save you from this is the Bethel anointing.

People like it when you are the one who is borrowing but when you build your own house without consulting them, they will change their faces.

When your blessing begins to manifest, you will need the hand of God to protect you from the enemy. All of us, we need God’s protection. Countenances are changing around you but how are you going to be protected? You need oil upon your head; you need a stronger anointing on you.

The God of Bethel monitors your steps all the time. Some of you were denied certain opportunities in certain places and those opportunities were granted to other people who ended being in danger. You might have cried that you lost that opportunity but that could have been the God protecting you from danger.

Before you receive your blessing, you should tell yourself that I am a fighter.

Don’t be deceived, there is a time when God wants you to be free and when the time comes, you have to fight because God called you.

You were deceived so many times but if there is any closed door in your life, it is opening today in the name of Jesus!

Sometimes you need to identify God in your problem. You must be able to identify the son of God in the fire.

When you begin to walk with God, continue to walk with Him!

The God of Bethel will not allow them to hurt you!