January 7, 2018

God Wants You To Be Anointed

God Wants You To Be Anointed

There is need for a child of God to be anointed because Earth is a dangerous place. Without the grace of God over your life, you are not safe. Moving around without an anointing from God over your head, you won’t die because you will be already dead because when you sleep, the devil; your enemy doesn’t sleep and that is dangerous for you.

(vs. 6)Backsliding is proof that you have less anointing. People can be anointed to stay in the House of the Lord forever.

(vs. 5) I have known God to be a God of war but imagine this now; Him setting a table in the presence of your enemies! God wants them to see you eat and grow big in their presence so that they know the reason why that is happening. God wants you to build, to drive, to wed and to excel in their presence but before that happens; you have to be anointed with oil.

In the Bible, there are four groups of people that were anointed; Priests, Prophets, Kings and the Sick. Kings were political figures but they had to be spiritually ordained. No matter your career, you need an anointing to keep you in that position.

You need an anointing for you to be able to eat in the presence of your enemies. You need oil to make it!

For us to be qualified for an anointing, we have to be kings, priests or prophets but Revelation 5 vs. 10 qualifys us to receive an anointing because we are kings and we have to reign on Earth!
If you are going to be special in this life, something has to make you special and in this case, it is the anointing that makes you special! It is the oil that gives you favour in foreign lands.
It doesn’t matter what people say, the anointing oil works! Never attack a revelation that you have never received. God wants you to be anointed!