October 28, 2018

Greater Is He In You

Greater Is He In You

John 16 vs. 33, 1 John 4 vs. 4

You are of God, you little children and you have overcome them. For greater is He that is in you than He who is in the world. The one in you is bigger, greater and stronger than He that is in the world.

God is not a man that He can lie, shall He give a promise and not fulfill it?

He is not like us because when He says it, He does it. If the Bible is the word of God then what I read is what He is saying, not the authors of the scriptures in the Bible.

If I’m told the one in me is greater than the one in the world, it means the one in the world is not in me.

It is very important that you understand who is in you and who is not in you despite the presence of the devil.  We have been told of his location, he is not in you but in the world and the one in you is Jesus who is greater.

Please be reminded that the devil is not in you but in the world. So everything the devil is doing to you isn’t being done from within you but from the world.

If in you is someone greater, that is what guarantees your victory against evil spirits.

Matthew 12 vs. 6. Nothing is as powerful as the word of God.

(vs.6) Jesus said I am bigger than this temple –only God can say those words.

In the midst of your situation, in that place where you are, Jesus is saying in that same place you are; no matter how bigger the problem is; there is one who is greater that that situation. And that is Jesus.

1 John 2 vs. 6

If you say that God abides in you, you have to also walk as He walks. Proof that shows Jesus is truly in you is when you begin to walk like He walks and talk the way He talks.

So when the wind is blowing, and the storms arise, you have to sleep like how Jesus slept in the boat, declare peace on the storm like He did. We behave like Him because we are His children.

For we have overcome! You have also overcome!

The word ‘World’ there means the cosmos; which means you have overcome systems and organizations.

If He says we have overcome, it means we have overcome every contrary spirit in the world.

Jesus is not in Heaven but in us. He is in the situation but He is bigger than the situation!

No matter how big your situation or disease is, He is bigger than that disease.

Jesus is greater than the Temple!

Little children, you have overcome. The one in you is greater, not because you have fasted or prayed too much but because He is greater!

When Jesus speaks, things begin to happen. In this country, place, city, church, there is The One who is greater than all.

In the midst of all your afflictions stands The One who is greater than everything and His name is Jesus!

When I mention the name Jesus, I am always expecting something to happen. I have so much faith in that Name. Heaven invested everything in that Name. There is no any other power outside of that Name.

If we talk of the maximum levels of power, right at the end of what is regarded as power, you will see the name Jesus there.

All that Jesus wants you to understand that He is present and they will know soon that there is The One who is greater than the Temple, the place!

Hear me child of God, when the Lord sets you free, He sets you free to set other people free. He delivers you to deliver others, He touches you to touch others. God will touch nations through you!