July 15, 2018

Healing of The Bones

Healing of The Bones

Proverbs 17 vs. 22, Ecclesiastes 10 vs. 5-7

(Ecclesiastes 10) The writer was given the grace by God to see something hidden. He saw an error and also saw where it was coming from.

(vs. 6) Foolishness is set in great dignity, which means fools are placed in high positions. There is a governing spirit that promotes foolishness and wickedness. And the rich are said to be sit in low places, referring to those that have received God and are born again.

There is a principality governing activities under the sun that makes those without divine intelligence seem more prosperous than the righteous.

(Proverbs 25 vs. 26-28) When a righteous man falls down before the wicked, he is like a troubled fountain and a corrupt spring. This is one form of corruption that people do not talk about. When you find yourself at the mercy of the wicked it is like a troubled fountain because the fountain is supposed to be giving clean water.

It is wrong for the child of God to fall before the wicked for whatever reason. The righteous should always rise and the wicked should continue to fall.

The world likes telling you what to do; what to say and how to worship your God.

If you fall before the wicked, the spring is corrupted. Of all forms of corruption, this is the most terrible one; when the righteous fall before the wicked, begging for their help, praying to God for you to be promoted through them.

(vs.27) if you search for your own glory, even if you find it, it is not your glory. If you search for your gift, even if you find it, it is not your glory. Your own glory is in someone else. The gift in you is not yours. Iron sharpens iron.

(vs. 28) Understand this; there is a place where proper leadership should be exercised. There is need for you to be anointed by God to attain a leadership position and then you rule over, not your nation or your family but your Spirit. If you don’t have rule over your Spirit, you’re like a city without walls, which means you’re exposed.

Have rule over your Spirit and your Spirit will be protected.

(Proverbs 17 vs.22) When the Spirit is broken, the bones dry up. A bone is not the Spirit and the Spirit doesn’t have bones.

But when people see the bone drying up, they try to fix the bone and they forget that it is as a result of a broken spirit.

The strength of the bone is determined by the condition of your Spirit. If you don’t control the Spirit of an organisation, you are bound to run a dry business.

If you see a problem in your business, don’t touch the business, touch the Spirit because if something is wrong in the spirit, it manifests in the physical.

Your marriage is a structure; if it is dry, you correct it by correcting your spirit.

I have met people with broken Spirits and their lives are so miserable. Jesus is the solution; He can fix it.

Africa, Jesus can fix this!

(1 Kings 17) Because there was something wrong in the Spirit, there was no water in Israel. People had stopped worshipping God and God sent His Prophet to pronounce a drought over the land. The land (bone) was dry for 3 years until the Prophet came back and erected an altar unto the Lord.

When we minister healing to the sick, the healing comes from the Spirit, straight into the body. All that you see happening is because of something has moved in the Spirit.

Every physical movement is caused by the Spirit. That is the reason why when the Spirit comes out of the body, the body dies.

If there is no movement in a nation, it is because the Spirit is not moving. If you want to be healed, get the healing of the Spirit first and the bone still will be healed.

Just correct things in the Spirit and the physical will be corrected.

When you see a problem, it is just a reflection. There is a projector somewhere. That’s how the devil works. He makes you focus on the wrong things but you have to investigate where the problem is coming from?

That is why our solutions do not last. We are just treating the reflections of the problem, not the problem.

If the source is stopped, the problem ceases.