February 27, 2018

Hearing The Voice Of The Enemy

Hearing The Voice Of The Enemy

2 Kings 6 vs. 11-12

The failure of a son doesn’t make the Father a false prophet and neither does it describe the qualities of a Father. Absolom and Solomon had one mentor; David, but the former was rebellious and the latter was obedient. John the Beloved and Judas had one mentor; Jesus but their ministries were different. Sonship is not by title; every son is supposed to have access to the Father’s revelation.

It is the desire of every Father to see his sons rising up and do what he could not do. There is a time coming in the future, where God’s people will be empowered, that even after church, they can still hear instructions straight from the Holy Spirit.

Hearing what God has to say before you sign a contract or before you put on a ring, that’s very important.

(2 Kings 6) The king of Syria had something against the king of Israel on a daily basis. He was not ready to defeat the king of Israel in Israel and that is why he wanted to set traps for him when he is travelling. He thought that the anointing of Israel works only in Israel and the devil thinks in the same way. The problems that you had they cease when you get into church but when you leave the presence of God, when you leave Israel, that is when the devil lays a trap for you.

The king of Syria wanted to kill the king of Israel during time of movement; the devil wants to kill you at the time when you are moving, not when you are in one place.

(Vs. 11) If there is something that brings trouble to the heart of the devil is when you get to know his next move. It is not enough for you as a child of God to be only hearing the voice of God. There comes a time when the voice of the devil needs to be heard so that you know what he is planning against you. Elisha was a prophet not only because he heard from God but he could also hear what the enemy was planning.

(Acts 23.13) These people were not heathens; they were in the church. Be careful, not everyone close to you is your friend. People have gathered somewhere and they have made a covenant that until you die, they will not eat.

(Vs. 11)  Jesus left Paul in prison but He gave Paul a destination. Our God is powerful to the extent that he drops a seal of destiny into u that will grow. It is my prayer that you mature in the Spirit so that whenever they gather against you, you tap into their realm and be part of that discussion.

It is not enough just to hear from God because He is not always talking to you about their enemies; you need to know what the devil has planned for you the following day.

With the knowledge that you have, the devil thinks that his kingdom is not safe, not even for one minute, so long you are alive. When the voice of God comes, it prepares you for the voice of men.

(John 10. 5) hearing the voice of the devil doesn’t make you a devil worshipper but obeying his voice makes you one. You must be able to hear his voice in order to disobey him.