January 12, 2020

Identifying Your Area: Developing Your Spirit

Identifying Your Area: Developing Your Spirit

Hebrews 11 vs 13-16

Matthew 25 vs. 15

(Hebrews 11 vs 13-16) What these people didn’t have was not necessarily an opportunity. What they didn’t have was a desire. They were simply not interested in returning but death could not have held them hostage. These ones died and they remained dead because they wanted to remain in that state. If they wanted to return to the land of the Living, they could have returned and interacted and co-existed with another generation that is not theirs.

What they didn’t have was not an opportunity but a desire; making a decision to remain dead.

(Matthew 25 vs. 15) There is something very strange about the parable of the King who had talents. He had two things; talents and servants and then obviously the kingdom.

He gave to another, five talents and to another, three and to another, one and then he took off.

What all of us can see is the king giving talents to the servants but that is a shallow understanding of the scripture. But if you want to understand more, you need to dig deeper and get to the Spirit of the scripture.

There are Spirits behind words. Investigate the Spirit behind words. Words derive strength from the speaker. Don’t worry about what they said, worry about who said the words.

(vs. 15) If you study the scripture, you will find out that nothing was given to the servants but it was given to the ability in them. You are asking God to give you something; God might not say yes to you but He is ready to say yes to an ability.

Talents are given to an ability, not to the servant. If you need a talent, you need to develop an ability.

(vs. 15)If you look at it, it says “…according to the several ability…” So in one person, one ability can manifest into several forms but it still remains one ability.

If you are interested in getting a talent from God, you have to nurture and cultivate your ability and qualify yourself for the next talent. The King is not interested in promoting individuals but abilities. Within you must be the ability to receive a talent from God.

When you develop your ability, you discover your talent and it begins to manifest. You can get to a level in the Spirit where you will be entitled for a talent from God, where it becomes a must.

All of us desire to have a billion dollars in out accounts but there is something in that account that we need to look for in the same account – do we have a billion abilities in that account. What comes first is the creation of a bank account and then the deposit follows. The talent is the deposit and the account is the ability.

God is never wrong, even if He ignores all of your prayers because He doesn’t want to give it to you but to an ability. Let it be your ability asking the Lord for a talent.

(John 4 vs. 6) Jesus gets to the well that was given to Joseph by Jacob and the Bible says He was tired. God, in the Flesh, got tired. So in Jesus, you see two individuals; there is God part and there is the Man part.

Whoever told you that you are one entity destroyed your destiny. You need to fully understand the two individuals in you; the one that got born again and the one who isn’t. There is a part of you that God communicates with and there is another that cannot hear the voice of God.

There is a part of you that is responsible for articulating the voice of God and that part has to be found in 2020.

Hearing God is not as difficult as you think it is. What you are lacking is a clear instruction from the Holy Spirit on the next step to take. You can start hearing God now but what you need is an ability to comprehend the voice of God.

There cannot be excellence if you do not have the guidance and leadership of an excellent Spirit who is the Holy Spirit; He has to guide you and teach you on how you can be excellent.

(1 Samuel 3 vs. 5) God calls Samuel but He didn’t continue with the conversation because he was waiting for a confirmation and a response from Samuel. You can go on for years just receiving your name from God and nothing about your future until you are trained on how to respond to the voice of God and qualify for the next dimension.

You must get to a stage where you can hear the voice of God without anyone in between. Maturity in the Spirit is not evident in doing miracles or giving prophecies. You can do all that but still remain immature in the Spirit. You need a direct line to hear from God even in the absence of the Prophet. The Prophet only has to come and interpret what you will be hearing from that direct line from God.

Every time God came to talk to Samuel, he was waiting for Samuel to remain in a certain state. Samuel would run to Eli but Eli told Samuel to go back to sleep because he was training his son to remain in the same state that he was hearing the voice of God in. The problem with some of you is maintaining that state that you are hearing God in. And all that has something to do with developing your Spirit. Develop your ability to receive. You have to become excellent and hearing God’s voice.

(Hebrews 11 vs. 13) They did not receive the promises but they saw them afar off. How do you get to embrace the promise that is afar off whilst you are here? When a promise is given, it means that God has a placed it in a far distance.

God plants the promise in a destination that is far away from you. But can the Present You and the Future You join hands? That is very achievable in the Spirit. The Future You and the Present You have to agree for the promise to be fulfilled.

A future doctor and a present you have to agree for there to be a doctor. A future engineer and a present you have to agree for there to be an engineer.

That person you want to be is in you.

(1 Samuel 33 vs. 6) David encouraged himself. There was a part in him that was able to encourage the other discouraged side. There are two parts to a person; there is a part of you that is currently broke and there other is extremely rich. The rich part of you has to encourage the broke part.

There has to be a moment where you have to have an encounter with the Future You.

Joseph saw the Prime Minister of Egypt in a dream and in that dream, the Prime Minister was him. He interacted with himself. You have to meet with the promise and interact with it.

If Joseph hadn’t resisted Potiphar’s wife, he would have not been arrested but he would never have become the Prime Minister. On your way to God’s plan, there are people that you should have avoided but you slept with them.

Fornication and adultery will automatically bring an alteration to your destiny. If Joseph had slept with Potiphar’s wife, he was never going to be arrested, and he was never going to interpret the dreams of the two palace servants and he was never going to go to the palace.

You must be able to measure and say, What will I gain if I fornicate or commit adultery? What will I also lose if I do the same?

If you do that, you are now moving towards excellence.

Begin to eat and drink according to your vision. You must walk according to the vision that you are carrying.  Your dream must determine your behavior. People can push you into becoming someone you are not but don’t listen to them. Let your vision determine your behavior.

As you begin to expose yourself to better things, you begin to have better visions and dreams of your future.

Identify the area that you want to become better in and develop yourself!