June 23, 2019

Mystery of Open Doors: The Power and The Spirit

Mystery of Open Doors: The Power and The Spirit

John 1 vs. 19-26

Identity; knowing yourself and knowing who you are and the power that comes with that

(vs. 19) People were sent to John and they knew that he was called John but yet they still asked him, Who are you? They knew that he was John but they wanted further explanation of who he was.

There are people who think they know themselves just because they know their names but here, John is being asked, Who are you?

(vs. 20) John answered what they did not ask.

I want to show you some problems that not only John had but most of the people have which is why they are going to die prematurely and young.

For you to live long, there is something that needs to be done. John was not supposed to die the day he died and he was killed by something that wasn’t meant to kill him. There was a problem before his assassination; he didn’t know who he was.

(vs. 19-20)He was asked, “…who are you?” and he said, I am not this. He didn’t tell them who he was.

Some of you the way God designed you; you might not have a product in business because you are the product. You must understand who you are and what you are.

(Luke 1 vs. 12) There are men of God who are terrified by the presence of God. They are comfortable doing their own things in their own space without God. When God comes to join them, they are terrified.

It is a shameful thing when you become uncomfortable with the presence of God in your ministerial work. You have to be comfortable with the presence of God in your ministerial work. When God enters your territory, you must be comfortable to work with Him because you are serving Him.

(vs. 17) There is something that the angel said. The angel described John to the Father

Note these two words “SpiritPower

These two things, when they collide in one place; when you discover the Spirit and the Power behind your success, you have discovered who you are.

In life, it matters whose Spirit you operate under. Right there, I have just told you that there is an anointing that can rest upon a man that he never worked for. An anointing and a grace and a spirit that can be simply inherited from one owner and it can come upon you and cause some strange breakthroughs in your life.

You don’t know yourself until you know the Spirit and the Power that you operate under.

The angel told Zechariah that John was going to operate under the Spirit and Power of Elijah and the people are coming to John, asking him if he is Elijah and John is saying I am not.

There is a disadvantage of operating under a certain grace and spirit and power that you are not aware of.

John did not operate fully under the Power of Elijah because he didn’t know who he was.

The Spirit and the Power will never get activated simply because it is present. You have to know that it is present.

(Luke 1 vs. 17) Fathers know who you are. Angels told Zechariah about the Spirit and the Power of his son. But it is up to Zechariah to tell John that you have the Spirit and the Power of Elijah.

If you don’t know the Power that you carry and the Spirit that hovers above you, ask your Spiritual Father. There is need to establish a concrete relationship not only with the angels but with your Father because the angel might never return again in your lifespan.

(Matthew 17 vs. 1-9) Transfiguration only happens in places of prayer. Of the four of them, only Jesus was praying and only Jesus was transfigured.

(Matthew 17 vs. 5) Peter failed to hear the discussion but there is something that he heard. God spoke from a very thick cloud and said, “…This is my Beloved Son; hear ye Him…”

Three people were at the Mount. There was Moses and there was Elijah and there was Jesus. God was saying that it is now time for the Law to be silenced and hear the voice of His Son; Jesus in the new dispensation.

There is a time when your Father has to introduce you to the world. Your Father throws you into the market to be heard.

If you are going to know the Spirit and the Power that you carry, you are going to do some crazy thing.

After the transfiguration, the name of the mountain was changed to the Mount of Transfiguration not because of what happened to the mountain but to the men on the mountain. Your transfiguration can change the whole region. If you are going to be changed, that is how God is going to change the whole world. He will change the world by changing you.

Places are changed when you are changed. That is how the world is changed.

(Matthew 17 vs. 10-12) Elijah came and the people that were waiting for him, failed to recognize him. Can people wait for something that they can’t recognize? Can people wait for a blessing that they can’t see? Yes.

They were waiting for Elijah but when he finally came, they didn’t recognize him.

There is nothing serious about the people not knowing that John was Elijah but there is something more serious when the person is not aware that he is Elijah.

There is a Spirit that is needed on top of secular education.

Until you sit down and study yourself and the Power and the Spirit that makes you to be you; you don’t even have a single qualification.

There is a Spirit that is needed because after all that, because your knowledge and education is going to challenge demons and principalities and they can mess you up. After getting all that, we have to talk about the Spirit and Power. Life must be understood from the perspective of the Spirit. Understand Life at spiritual standards.

(1 Kings 19 vs. 1-2) (Matthew 14 vs. 6-11) Jezebel died without fulfilling her promise and there was a need for another woman to rise who had the Spirit and the Power of Jezebel to come, and that was Herodius and she slaughtered the man who carried the Spirit and Power of Elijah and that is John.

What is fighting you now and the witches that are giving you problems, they are dead. It is a postponement of witchcraft.

There are some demons that you are provoking today that will come after your children.

John needed the Spirit of Elijah to provoke principalities but he did not use the power of Elijah to protect himself.

When the Spirit comes upon you, it causes you to do some crazy things but it is the Power that will make you to continue going. It is the Spirit that initiates things for you but it is the Power that keeps that thing going. The Spirit will raise you up but it is the Power that will keep you up there.

(2 Kings 2 vs. 9-12) Elisha rent his clothes; his qualification and everything that once made him to be comfortable. He first uncovered himself before he was covered by the grace and covering of his Father; Elijah.

There has to be a phase in your life where you have to remove your previous covering and put on your new covering. Some of you, because you are still trying to cover yourselves, you will never do wonders. You still have something to hide and that is why the power of God is not flowing through you.

You can inherit an anointing that is seasoned in healing the sick, making money and making the right decisions before marriage and when you choose, you choose like an expert.

Do you know who you are? It is all about knowing yourself. People are in trouble because they are failing to know who they are.

Refuse to be an ordinary person. Know your identity not just by name but by the Power and the Spirit that you operate under.

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