April 7, 2019

Jesus The Chief Cornerstone

Jesus The Chief Cornerstone

Matthew 21 vs. 42-43

(vs. 42) Jesus said unto them, have you not read that the stone that was rejected by the builders has now become the head of the corner.

He also goes on to say; this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

We believe not just in saying but in doing because it is the Year of Creativity.

(vs. 35-41) Before verse 42, Jesus had given the disciples a parable where He spoke about a householder who planted a vineyard and gave it to husbandmen.

(vs. 42) Whether you’re in any profession, Jesus plays a pivotal role in that profession. In everything that you do in life, Jesus must be the head of the corner.

(Mark 5 vs. 25-26) You need to have a deeper revelation of the condition that this woman had. It was not just about the flow or losing blood; the blood itself had issues. There was something in the blood that she was losing.

Even if the blood had remained in her, still, the blood had issues. Diseases, poverty are issues of the blood. What causes people to be dismissed from work for no reason is an issue of the blood.

(vs. 26) We thought it was just a problem of the flow but the verse is saying she suffered many things because of many physicians. If she had stayed home, she would have remained with one problem but because her blood chose her church for her, she suffered many problems.

The fact that she would consult witchdoctors, it was because of the blood.

The wrong teacher will put more confusion in the head of a child, the same way the wrong doctor will cause a patient’s condition to worsen.

Many people in different professions have removed the head of the corner; Jesus. It doesn’t matter what career you are in; if you remove Jesus as the head of the corner, you will have many problems.

There is something about having Jesus as the head of the corner!

It’s not like the witchdoctors and other doctors didn’t do anything to help this woman with the issue of blood –they did something and worsened her condition. But what is painful is that this woman had to pay for the problem to multiply because she was being led by the revelation of the blood. And this revelation led her to people who collected everything else from her save for her problem.

(Judges 16) Samson’s hair was cut off and he was blind. One day as the Philistines were celebrating their god, they turned Samson, an anointed man of God, into an entertainer because the vision was taken away.

We do not come to church for entertainment, we come for serious business.

(vs. 26) Samson looked for the cornerstone. He knew the cornerstone is the centre of the building. If you are in any profession, make sure you are doing it from a cornerstone.

(vs. 22) The Philistines didn’t notice Samson’s hair grow; they didn’t care because he didn’t have vision. That is why the devil is not scared of Africa; it has power but no vision.

What kind of a man was Samson? Samson didn’t have huge muscles; he was slender and God created him so that it could be seen that it was His power. That power Samson had was to destroy the Philistines.

If we do away with Jesus, there is no more church. If there is no Jesus, there is no church.

Some of us, if we read that Jesus rose from the dead, we begin to look for him because we now know His presence. I am talking about you walking with Jesus until you understand him. He will correct wrong information for you and point out hidden things.

Ake him the cornerstone and walk with Him! Walk with Jesus everywhere you go!

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