March 6, 2018

Jesus Wants You To See!

Jesus Wants You To See!

Mathew 9 vs. 27 – 28.

(vs. 28) When Jesus was about to perform this outstanding miracle on those two blind men, He asked them; in as far as sight is concerned, do you believe that I the Lord am able to do it? In so many other scriptures, Jesus also opened the eyes of the blind. This tells you that God wants you to see; He wants His people to see, either physically or spiritually! He is so much interested in you seeing. But there is a simple question: Do you believe?

A child of God must be able to see even what others cannot see. Once you have your sight restored you will realize there is no need for counselling sessions; and there is no need to be encouraged. You will be able to see what motivates you.

You are going to choose what you want the Lord to show you. So, probably there is an area where you want clarification; maybe you lost something or you want to know something concerning someone close to you. With this anointing oil, you will be able to see!

I know most of you haven’t seen a vision before. You only get dreams but you forget them afterwards. But with this anointing oil you will be able to see things clearly as if there are happening in real time. You will be able to see the man or woman you are going to get married to and even your first child before you get married.

When you function and when you operate in the spirit, there are things you are able to do. We know God’s word is hanging in the atmosphere but not everyone is able to hear what God said. But you can make the presence of God concentrate in a certain place the same way I have made it to concentrate in this anointing oil bottle.

Words are so powerful! Especially when they are spoken from the presence of God!

We are partakers of the divine nature of God. This anointing oil does a lot of things. It is a “separation” anointing oil. It even separates you from the wrong things and what makes this anointing oil so powerful is that it will help you see!