November 11, 2018

Lift Up Your Eyes ( Watch and Pray)

Lift Up Your Eyes ( Watch and Pray)

Matthew 26 vs. 41

Jesus said we have to watch and pray. He didn’t say pray then watch. He said, “Watch and Pray” which means that you are not supposed to have a prayer that is not motivate by sight.

Jesus went on to say, “So that you don’t fall into temptation. There, He has given us a reason why people fall into temptation – they pray then watch. Jesus is saying watch and pray which means it is a vision that has to give birth to your prayer life. It is about what you see that should make you pray.

If you can’t see in the Spirit then don’t pray because prayer must be according to what you have experienced in the Spirit.

That is the reason why most people are not prayerful.

Some people’s prayer lives are weak because their vision is weak. Prayer is based on what you see; you open your eyes and what you see then leads you into prayer.

I have answered your question there; why you can’t pray so hard even if you want to.

The day your eyes are opened and you will begin to see what is happening in the Spirit, prayer is automatic.

(Mathew 6 vs 22) There will be light that is if your eyes are focused and well-tuned. Whether or not you have Light in your body is determined by your eyes. The way you see yourself is very important. Are you seeing God and His angels surrounding you or you are seeing the devil and his demons?

(vs. 23) We have to be very careful. It is not everything that we call Light that is Light in the presence of God. Jesus is calling great darkness because it is no longer called darkness; it is now called Light. There is darkness that people call Light and they have stopped fighting it because they call it Light.

If you can’t see, you can’t pray. Even if you force yourself into prayer, it will not be productive because it has to be birthed by vision.

(Matthew 5 vs. 15) The candle gives light to the people that are in the house, not outside but inside of the house. There is light that you get from your own man of God, not from outside. If you belong to the house and you stay closer to the candle, you will receive Light from the candle.

God wants you to improve in your area of vision. If you can’t see, you can’t pray. If you pray without seeing, it is not prayer. Because there must be a reason why you are praying; the reason must be visible.

There is a first level of vision which is like natural. You can look at things and see that something is wrong and then you begin to pray. After prayer then comes the second level of sight.

(Genesis 31 vs. 10) There are systems that we work for that do not pay us. That is why I enjoy working for the Lord because He is not like any other boss in the world. In whatever capacity you find yourself in, find ways of serving God.

(vs. 10) Jacob had to do something physical for something supernatural could happen. Something physical has to be done to you so that something supernatural can happen to you.

(Genesis 31 vs 12) When you look at something physically, you need to lift up your eyes and see the dreams that are right above the physical.

The physical problems that we have in Africa are because of spiritual problems.

(vs. 12) The cattle were drinking but the angel of the Lord told Jacob not to look at the physical but to look above. And then Jacob entered into a dream realm.Danel If you look above every physical problem, you will get into the dream realm that will show you the cause of the problem. You won’t be able to see it if you focus on the physical.

(Daniel 10 vs. 5) Daniel lifted his eyes and the he saw an angel. The things of the Spirit are not far, they are very close. You can just dedicate yourself to raise your eyes in order to see the things in the Spirit.

Above the things that are happening in your life are dreams and visions in the Spirit. I am training you to see beyond the physical. See what others are not seeing.

(vs. 7) Some of the things are not changed by what we do. First it has to be changed in the Spirit for it to happen in the physical. If the Persia on earth had confusion, it was because of the Persia  in the Spirit. The Spirit is where seeds come from.

If you do not lift your eyes to see what is manipulating your economy, you haven’t started praying.

There are demonic meetings in the Spirit where diseases and crises are planned and those on earth are just given to execute.

If you are made a leader of anything, create a relationship with God.

Look up; above the physical you will see what is causing things to happen in the physical. It is difficult to fix things on earth. If we could all access the Spirit realm because people that make things to change are spiritual people.

If you ask for sight from God, you will begin to see things that cannot be seen by ordinary people.

Do not run away from war, any problem or situation. The problem found you here so it must leave you here.

Never think of giving up. Never!

Let us lift our eyes and see what is happening in the Spirit. Get into the Spirit and correct things then you will see things changing for the good in the physical. Look up and see the dreams and visions hanging above the physical.