November 18, 2018

Light 3

Light 3

Ephesians 5 vs. 13

We are dealing with the subject of light and this is the light that darkness could not comprehend.  If Jesus calls you light, it means you set the pace that everyone else then follows.

You have to know what happens around you when you have fully developed as light. In this scripture Jesus is saying anything that makes something to manifest is nothing else but light. It may not be shining or glorious when you look at it, but if it can make other things to manifest around itself then it is regarded as light.

You may have a person sitting next to you who is not good looking but if they can make other people manifest then that person is light. Light is light when it causes other things that are not light to manifest. God can place one person in the entire genealogy to manifest as light and cause other family members to manifest.

God can bless the whole nation by placing a single individual that stands out as the light. You may not be driving today but you are responsible for the other people to drive.

(1 Samuel 22 vs. 1-2)Think about this, there is a story about certain people who gathered around David. They identified an individual unlike them, they gathered around a light which would make them generals.

All of David’s generals were once useless people but they gathered around David who was shining.That is why you have to attend every service. It is so that broken people can be transformed into mighty men.

No matter how broke you are, so long you are able to identify your David, the general in you will manifest!

People on earth are never the same. We are not the same.

God created people who have certain abilities that make other people to manifest.(1 Kings 17) Certain people on earth cause the rains to descend. Elijah said there will be no rain and It didn’t rain. There are certain people that when you meet them, you have met the weather report.

Elijah even declared that there shall be no dew. If there are people who can cause hunger, then there are some who can cause surplus in a land.

Africa is where it is today because of people.

The prophet said I until I release a word, there shall be no water, which means he had the word that could make it rain but he reserved it and kept it to himself. Even when God Himself when he wanted it to rain, He couldn’t bypass His Prophet and go to the people. That is why God sent him to go first and show himself to the people for it to rain. Unless they see Elijah, they can’t see the rain, which means if you persecute Elijah, you are persecuting the rain.

Elijah took the entire economy of Israel and put it in hands.

When the church does not shine, no country is going to shine. We cause those in authority to shine because we are the Light of the world.

Never argue with the fact that people are different.

(2 Samuel 21 vs 17) This was Daniel’s Generals’ revelation. This was their own understanding of their man of God.

(vs. 15) This giant almost killed David; the same David who once killed a giant; Goliath. It was not the Light (David) that killed this giant but Abishai, an assistant.

(2 Samuel 18 vs 3) If the leadership is not supported, the people will go nowhere. That is why every time you pray, don’t forget to pray for the man of God.

We have a problem in the house of God. Some congregants overvalue their man of God and that is why congregants are being abused by their men of God. If a man of God is given value, they are supposed to walk accordingly to their value.

You have to believe that certain people are higher that you so that you can be promoted. If you think that you are all at the same level, you will not be promoted. Your boss is bigger than you. When you serve him or her, do so very well.

Why do you choose to gossip and speak against the person that pays you? You must respect those that are in authority. Acknowledge those above you so that you are lifted up by those that have already risen up.

Learn to celebrate people for their victories because they conquered in certain areas. Respect those who have achieved more than you.

(2 Samuel 21) Abishai knew that I was able to manifest because of David, the Light.  There is that person in your life who made you to manifest. You are called a mother or father because your spouse made you to manifest.

Lights are supposed to be protected. Jesus said you cannot put a light under a bushel (Matthew 5 vs. 15). He said this because He knew that there are systems in the world that are there to suppress Lights.

(Daniel 5 vs 8) All the magicians and spiritual people where called to shed light n the writing on the wall. The Kings was willing to promote anyone who was to join to shed light on the writing. If you solve any problem, you will be promoted. If you don’t have money it is because you are not solving any problem. If you solve a problem, you will be promoted.

The king was angry because there was no man of God in the land to interpret the things of God. A man of God is needed in one’s life. Yourself and your dreams are not enough. You need an interpreter in your life.

The problem is no longer that God is not speaking but there is no one interpreting the word of God. You need a Light bearer who is there to interpret what is going to come in your life.People are crying and screaming because they are failing to interpret what they are reading. (Daniel 2 vs. 19) There are things that keep happening in your life and you need an interpreter.

When God raises you, you will have small people gathering around you and they would want you believe that there are the ones who are the best and they then become your limitation.Daniel was not part of the magicians who failed to interpret the dream but a decree was given to kill every magician, including him.

There are certain people who have ruined the title “man of God” for everyone to the extent that all man of God are seen in the same bad light.

The reason why God allowed you to get married to such a man is because the man is a mystery; a dream that needs to be understood. You got married into that family to interpret the mysteries of that family.

Some of you, there are other kingdoms that ruled over you but I am here to let you know that this thing shall be revealed to you! You have been under the same oppression all your life but that chapter of oppression is coming to an end.

Some of you are busy shining but some are busy trying to quench your light. All the system are trying to quench your light. All the systems are trying to do is to choke you and suppress what God has planted into you. The Light that is upon my life from God will cause you to manifest!

You must know that the season to manifest has come!

I know you are oppressed and laden but time to manifest has come. David was made physically rich because of his spiritual gifting. Some people thing that when one is a prophet, they are supposed to be poor but Daniel was made rich and his friends were made chiefs.

You have to shine, we are here to shine and you will begin to shine!

We are the light of the World!

Our God is a God of promises. From today, if you are given an opportunity to shine, you will shine!

God will silence the voice of the sorcerers and the magicians. There are problems tha God is allowing in this country so that your light shines!

Your dream will shine like lightning!