April 26, 2019

Light (Youth Camp 2019)

Light (Youth Camp 2019)

I love the word of God more than anything and if you ask me what I would consider as proof that one has been delivered from demons, I would say the Love for the word of God.

The love for the word of God is proof that you are demon-free because the presence of a demon in a person does not allow them to love the word.

Isaiah 9 vs. 2

(Ezekiel 2 vs. 1) The voice asked him to stand for him to hear any extra level. There was one voice that made him to fall down but before another voice and instruction came, he had to rise up.

(vs. 2) As he heard the voice, at the same time, a Spirit entered into him. He never gave us a name of that spirit that enters people when they listen to the voice. It is the spirit that caused him to rise.

Your level of life is going to be determined by the Spirit that will enter you as you listen to the voice. As the voice spoke, the Spirit entered into a weak body and it is the spirit that caused the body to stand.

There is a Spirit that enters people during the ministration of the word and it is that Spirit that makes those on the backside of the desert to stand.

When I talk about Light, I am talking about information and that is Light.

(Ephesians 6 vs. 12) When the Bible speaks of rulers in dark places, there are spirits and demons in charge of dark places. Dark places are areas where you are ignorant in and do not have sufficient information.

If you walk into a place or area where you have less information, you are in a dark place.

If God is ever going to give you anything permanent or something that will change you and sustain you for the rest of your life, it is not going to be given to all of you but your mind.

If money is given to your bank account and not to you mind, you will lose it all. You will be successful to the degree of information that you carry.

When the Lord has provided information, it is not that we know things but that we know who we are.

(Psalm 119 vs. 130)  It is not just the word but the entrance; when the word is given permission to enter.

It is the truth that you know that will set you free. Your deliverance will be to the level of truth that you know. There are so many truths available but it is the one that you know and grasp that will set you free.

In the Kingdom of God, there are set rules and if we are to follow them today, we are guaranteed of success.

(vs. 130) The word that gets into you will be your light. You will shine according to the Light that you have received.

You shall be free according to the Light (information) that you carry and your freedom shall never surpass the amount of information you carry.

You can live a life free of limitations as long as you stay at the centre of your calling.

The devil is powerful but he will only use the power you give him. Your ignorance is what makes him a ruler in certain parts of your life.

Every influence and control he has was given to him by us.

There is no prayer that delivers people from crisis but there is a prayer that you can do that can makes certain information available because it is information that delivers you from crisis.

Prayer gives you access to the secrets of the Kingdom of God and when they are revealed, they will deliver you from the crisis.

The devil, this Lucifer, is powerful but not as you think he is.

When you walk into demonic territories, you will not be touched because of the Light that you carry.

You have to understand that failure is not on your to-do list. You don’t need an anointing for failure.

(Psalm 23 vs. 5) Your level of anointing will manifest on your cup; your profession.

God gives you Light (information) and based upon the information, your cup begins to run over. Do you know that for the devil to establish a continuous communication with the devil, we allowed that to happen?

(Genesis 2 vs. 17) The word of God came to Adam when he was alone. The devil got information not from God but from a person who had heard from a person who heard from God.

When the Woman ate the fruit, nothing happened but when the fruit was given to the Man who had the Light, poverty was introduced.

(3 vs. 9) God will not follow up on everyone but only those that He gave His word.

The day you start blaming other people, you have moved the word of God to those people. The Man blamed the Woman and the voice of God moved to the Woman. When the Woman blamed the Serpent, the voice of God moved to the Serpent.

Where you are today, if you are to blame anyone, you have shifted the voice of God to them and God will begin to focus on them.

(Isaiah 9 vs. 2) People are moving but in darkness. They stayed in darkness too long and they decided just to walk. Some of you are getting married but in darkness.

(vs. 3) Multiplication of nations will be as a result of the Light. Your joy shall increase when your Light is increased. When your information comes, you have to arise and shine!

(Genesis 2 vs. 18) When God created a woman, it was not just Eve; it was help. What made Man to be alone is the absence of help.

Before a girl gets married, she has to contain help. Do you have enough help to sustain a man?

(vs.19) God brought animals to Adam to see if Adam could call any one of them help. Adam gave them different names and none of them attained the name Helper.

Every woman created by God is a container but not every one of them contains help.

Gentlemen, you do not become a man after marriage; you become a man before marriage. You have to become a man first and then qualify for the help contained in a woman. Men are not fragile; they are strong and resilient.

God has given you a dream, an idea, a mandate and the person who is coming into your life has to support what God has given to the man.

You can’t say you don’t have a gift or a dream. You can become somebody in life. Deny to be denied! Resist to be resisted!

Know that the devil is small and not mature enough to stop you!

If God is ever going to give you anything, it will be given to your mind. Go for Light, go for Information. You will experience liberty to your degree of information.

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