January 26, 2020

Mastering Dreams and Visions

Mastering Dreams and Visions

There is a difference between the anointing and the presence of God. The presence of God is not the anointing and the anointing is not the presence of God.

There is such a thing called a portal in the word of God and these are openings into other dimensions. I want to help you appreciate divine communications because you believe in a God that speaks. So if you are not going to develop yourself in hearing Him, you are not going to agree because how can two walk together without agreeing? Walking with God is going to be impossible unless you perfect and improve yourself in hearing His voice.

We are spending time focusing on the life of Daniel because God placed Him in the Holy Book as a model and a perfect illustration of how well a man can perform when His Spirit is excellent.

Daniel 6 vs. 10

(vs. 10)Daniel prayed three times a day and that that is where they caught him because of the decree that was made which forbade people to pray to any other God for a stipulated period of time. Daniel did not start praying because there was a decree; he was not working against the system or the new law; he maintained his culture even before the decree was given.

The reason why Daniel was opening the windows towards Jerusalem was according to what Solomon said in 1st Kings 8 vs. 47-48. So the temple became a portal; an altar that was put in place to connect him with divinity.

Daniel was good in terms of understanding dreams and the interpretation of dreams. Is there any place for excellence in dreams? Yes.

If you become an expert in dreams, that cannot not become your profession. Joseph did not make money as a dreamer but as a Prime Minister. But for his career to be perfected, it had to be done in the area of dreams. Pharaoh did not stop being King because he dreamnt. Even the two prisoners, the other one was a baker and the other was a butler. Despite how accurate their dreams were, they remained in their professions.

There is always a temptation to leave your work and concentrate on spiritual experiences but those experiences are coming to perfect your career. Despite how accurate you are when it comes to dreams, you will not get money from Spiritual Experiences. You must have a profession that is apart from dreaming and God will give you more information on how to perfect that profession through dreams.

Do not go to Bible school because your dreams have become so accurate. Joseph made money as a Prime Minister but he was a dreamer.

Understand this; there is the Dream, the Dreamer and the Place of the Dream. These three things are different. The dream can still be a dream without the dreamer. A dreamer can be a dreamer without a dream. It is not a dream that makes you to be a dreamer but your ability to dream.

Places also have a way of influencing dreams. You need to be trained so that you realize and access the dreams given to you.

It pains me a lot when I come across people who are being butchered by the devil. They do not know where they coming from, where they are and where they are going, and yet God gave them a very clear dream. Your destiny, your future was packaged very well and it was given to you in the form of an experience but what you are lacking now is an understanding of that package.

After you receive things in the Spirit, you have to look for an interpretation. Right now you have a dream but you do not have an interpretation.  If you cannot interpret the dream, pray for an ability to interpret your dreams.

You must be able to see and hear and when you get to that the level of hearing and seeing, you must pray to God for understanding.

Dreams are like a railway line and you need God to create one for you. A rail line can be made without the train. What starts first is the rail line, not the train. The movement of the train will be controlled and directed by the rail and the rail will take you to your intended destination.

God is showing us the way every moment but you are failing to comprehend. But you have to open up to the Holy Spirit and say; help me to see, help me to hear. You must identify your path and make sure it was given to you by God. And when you are in that path, you will get confirmation; road signs that will confirm that you are on the right track.

You don’t need a thousand dreams; just one dream properly interpreted will transform your life.

You must become excellent when you master dreams and visions.

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