July 10, 2018

Mixing The Word With Faith

Mixing The Word With Faith

Hebrews 4 vs. 2, Isaiah 30 vs. 20-21

(Hebrews 4 vs. 1) Here the writer is encouraging us all to fear; to be afraid of the promise already given that we might become short of it, and that is missing something that is already given; that is to enter into rest.

(vs. 2) The writer is talking about two groups of people here; the former generation of believers and his generation. There was no change in the gospel; what the former generation heard is the same gospel that was heard by his generation but some did not get anything from the word because the writer is saying it did not profit them because they did not mix it with faith.

He is not blaming the preacher. Which means after hearing the word, you; the listener, need to do something, that is to mix the word with faith.

Understand that there is a part that you need to play – mixing the word with faith!

(2 Corinthians 5 vs. 7) it is not sight that moves us but it is faith. Jesus wants us to understand that the moment you have faith, there is movement. When faith hits you, it puts you into motion and you begin to move.

So what do you do when your sight is telling you otherwise?

(Exodus 14) The bible says the Israelitess did not have the direction or a compass or a map to the Promised Land; all they had to do was to look up and follow the direction of the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day. But when they got to the sea, the cloud stopped but God said move forward.

What do you do when everything around you stops moving?

The Israelites had no where to move, they were faced with the Red Sea. God had already said move on before He told Moses to stretch forth his hand, which means according to God, He did not want the Israelites to walk on the sea bed; He wanted them to walk on top of the water.

God always has to release an extra word because you do not have faith and the power of God ends up touching your problem, not you.

I have a question for you; do you want God to touch you or your problem?

(John 6 vs. 1 -14) Jesus knew what he wanted to do but by bringing in their opinion, the disciples directed the power of Jesus to a miracle that was not going to happen. What could have happened if the disciples did not bring out the fish and the bread? How was he going to feed the 5000?

We ask for less from God and we end up making God to do less.

What was going to happen at the Red Sea, had they had faith what God had already said? Two million Jews would have walked on water and if they were to sink, it was going to be because of their doubt; not mixing the word with faith.

After hearing the word of God, it doesn’t work for you immediately. What really matters is what you do when you get home.

Some of you know that you don’t belong where you are right now; you have been placed where you are by your circumstances.

Isaiah 30.vs 20-21

(vs. 21) You will hear a word from behind and that is what most people want. They want to move out of that place but they don’t know the way. The verse is talking about you doing something and before you hear anything and the word comes to confirm what you have done.

We have so many believers waiting for a confirmation.  When you hear a word from behind, it means you are already in motion. Some might ask God, what is my career or gift and He might not answer them but you can look for a problem in people’s lives that you can answer and the voice of God comes from behind confirm it.

(2 Kings 7 vs. 3-20) These four lepers had no preacher. There was hunger in the city so they had no food. They had the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction (Isaiah 30 vs. 21). But they decided not wait for the Lord. They did something and they waited for the voice coming from behind.

Some of you are waiting for the word of God but the word of God is waiting for you!

Personally, there are things that I have done in my life before hearing the Lord and the Lord came later and told me that I did well.

You can start your journey today and the voice comes to confirm every move you make.

(Romans 4 vs. 3)That belief that Abraham had is being called righteousness. His righteousness is not being based on his lifestyle but on his belief in God’s word.

When God speaks to you in a vision, in a thought, believe! That is what God calls righteousness.

You are waiting for God to confirm it but God is saying do it and I will confirm it!

(2 Kings 7)The lepers decided to move because they were going to die in one place. Where you are, if you don’t move, you will die in one place! The lepers were not told by God to move but they moved and the God confirmed. God made them to sound like an army to the Philistines and when they got to the Philistine camp, there was no one there.

You know that you are very tired of where you are and you no longer want any waters of affliction. Are you going to wait for the Lord to do something? After hearing this message, there is nothing that the Lord has said you cannot do!

We do not walk by sight; we walk by Faith!