March 20, 2018

Moses, Thou Art A god!

Moses, Thou Art A god!

Exodus 4 vs. 17, 7 vs. 1

When God said to Moses, ‘See I have made thee a god”, I believe that when Moses opened his eyes, he didn’t notice any change on himself but God had made him a god unto Pharaoh. You might look at yourself and see no change but when you stand in front of your enemy, they will see a god.

I take the word of God as it is. If God says that I am a god, I begin to act like one.

(John 10 vs. 34) Jesus also said ye are gods!

There is a way that gods behave; they look at things in the same way that God looks at it, they don’t run away from problems.

God calls Israel His First born but they were in bondage. You might be God’s first born and go through troubles but like Israel, you have to remember that you have a Father in Heaven.

God told Moses to go and face Pharaoh and not just Pharaoh the person but also the system that had kept the children of Israel in slavery.

When God heard the cry of His children, He went to Moses and told him that though he(Moses) was not under the system that was troubling his(Moses) brothers and sisters, He wanted Moses not only to be the delivered but also the deliverer. God is not in the business of only delivering you but also your entire family. Your family is in bondage but God wants to use you to deliver them.

As for me, the devil cannot touch me because I am loaded with the word of God; I know what God said, what He is saying and what He is going to say.

(vs. 17) Why do miracles with the rod? Why use the anointing oil to do the signs? After God told Moses that he(Moses) is a god, God then told Moses to pick something; a rod, and use it to do the signs and wonders.

Look at your life right now; it is not different from a stick. You can’t be a rod whilst you’re rooted together with your family. You were separated from them and their mentality and you came to this church now you’re a rod and you will be used to perform the miracles.

Moses did all the miracles and all of them did not get Pharaoh to release God’s people. The more miracles Moses performed, the more Pharaoh’s heart was hardened.  It might have happened to you before; you pray for something but it gets harder because God wants to see how you are going to react to that situation, are you going to react like a god? If you see yourself going through such, then you must know that God is training you to be a god.

When Moses was confronted by a situation; the Sea, He went to God but God sent him back to the situation and told Moses to divide the water. God did not tell Moses to pray nor fast but to look at the situation and address it as a god!