July 3, 2018

Moving To A New Place

Moving To A New Place

Revelation 12 vs. 6-7, 1 Kings 17 vs.1-4

In both scriptures, there was a crisis but in every crisis, God would always provide a place for His people

(Revelation 12 vs. 1-6) The child was a king but he could not deliver his mother. She had to run to the place where the Lord had prepared for her for a season.

You get to a point where you realise that the devil is not after you; he is after what comes out of you. The dragon was waiting to devour what she was going to produce but still, she had to hide in the place that the Lord had prepared.

(Genesis 18 vs. 20-33) Before God could destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, He provided a safe place of Lot and his family. He did the same with Noah (Genesis 6 vs. 18)

So before any destruction can come to you, the God you serve will make sure that there is a place prepared for you!

(Luke 4 vs. 23) Jesus was in a place where there were people that did not believe in Him so He couldn’t operate at His maximum capacity.There is a special place designed for you. Our God is a God of places. Isn’t it amazing that before He created us He first created places?

There is a place where your energy doesn’t flow despite how hard you might work. The reason is you were not designed naturally to function at maximum in every place. Places are not the same. There is a place that you don’t belong in and God doesn’t want you there. That is the difference between Heaven and Hell. If God gave us power to survive in any place, then why do we fear to go to Hell?

(Genesis 12 vs. 1-3)Abraham had to choose between the place where he was, that was never going to change his status, and the place where God was going to show him and make him a father of nations.

Your life and title can be transformed by just changing places.

You were designed by God for movement; you should never be in one place. God is not expecting to see you tomorrow in the same place you are today.

When one is a farmer, they know that keeping their seed in the barns will not multiply it. If they move the seed to another place and bury it, it will multiply.

If you don’t move, you are going to die in one place.

God created you not just as a tree that should be planted in one place but as a structure that moves. He created you for movement because without movement, you will never grow.

Before God would take the Israelites to the Promised Land, He took them through another place; the Desert, that was never promised. The desert is the place where you are right now; you’re no longer in Egypt and you’re not yet in the Promised Land. You might want to give up but as long as there is a movement in the desert, you are going somewhere!

Who is draining your energy? Who is undermining your anointing?

If you are in a relationship, it means one of you is feeding on the other. You are who you are today because of the people that you hang around. It matters where you are going to spend your next 24 hours.

Watch your step; don’t go to places that make your anointing to be disrespected.

What God has placed in you, it cannot survive everywhere. If you want to see the Lord working great things in your life, there is a temperature called Obedience that you have to maintain.

(Revelation 12) The same way the woman was saved by God into a place where she was fed, God is going to send you to a place where your life shall be made better!

(1 Kings) Elijah was told to move to the next place because the ravens were given the geographical location and the ID of the person they were supposed to feed only in that other place.

Can you imagine that there is someone, somewhere, sent by God to bless you? I know of people who were blessed by people that they didn’t even know.

Your prayer might have been you asking God where next you should go and you feel like you have been in the same place for too long. But God is saying that you are moving to the next place! You cannot be stuck in one place in the things of God.

You will be led to a safer place where the dragon shall not devour what you bring forth!

God will pick your career and place it were the dragon will not touch it. You will run your business like there are no demons, why, because there is a place for you and your gift.

Whenever you are in pain, there is always a place where there is no pain. You can jump out of your situation and land into another place. Don’t gather in places where you and your friends are all the same. Be around people that have the capacity to raise you up in times of need. You have to change your mentality.

You might not know where but there is a place which was prepared by the Lord for you! You will be led by the Spirit of the Lord where you will not have pain anymore!