April 28, 2019



There is nothing that is going to happen to you that will make you disappear forever. Whether you go to heaven or hell, you will never stop existing.

Since you were created, death will never cause you to vanish. There is no problem, big or small, that will make you go away.

There is nothing that the devil will do that will make you disappear forever.

John 15 vs. 1-8, Genesis 1 vs. 20, 22

(John 15 vs. 8)When you bear fruit and multiply, the Father will be glorified. Not only is God glorified in music and prayer but also in your multiplication.

I have made up my mind; if I ever disobey anyone, let it not be God.

The reason why God wants to multiply some of you is for Him to be glorified.  When you get more connections and more substance, He will be glorified.

How does God get glorified? People will come to you and look at your substance and your properties and they will begin to glorify God based on your multiplication. Multiplication is another form of evangelism; someone will speak of the goodness of God after seeing you even when you are quiet.

When things are not right in your life, it is a message about the God that you serve. They see what God can do based on what He has already done. People around you are going to understand God based on what they will understand about you. They are waiting to see if God can really bless by looking at you.

God cannot be considered as a deliverer when His children are still in bondage. Your lifestyle shall be a message.

He cannot be a healer unless someone is healed.

Some of you just think that you are just people. When God created you, He made sure that you are His  duplicate. God wanted to look at you and see Himself, away from Himself. You are an express image of His likeness.

So anything that the devil puts on you that is not from God makes you not look like God. When the devil deforms you, he is trying to deform the image of God because he doesn’t have access to God.

The reason why people are sick and broke is because the devil cannot have access to God but you are the image of God and that is why He does that.

Your problem is an expression of the devil’s anger because was once loved by God but he was chased away so when he continues to see the image of the God that fired him from Heaven, he attacks it.

Everything that I produce in life will cause the glory of God to be mentioned in the hearts of people.

When your life is blessed it is a message from God to the devil to show him how far he can bless. When the devil gets to you and destroys everything you have, he is trying to send a message to God.

Your blessing is not personal; it is about God exhibiting His nature. He wants to show unbelievers how far He can bless.

What you put on and eat is a message from God that He can provide, He can bless.

(Genesis 1 vs. 20) This message was not to you; God looked at the water and told it to create something.

If the water had the ability to create something living, if the waters can hear the word of God and create something, it means that you still have that creative power in you.

When God speaks to you, He might not be communicating to your ears. He can speak to the waters in you to bring forth health in abundance.

How can water create the fish? How can it be that obedient to the voice of God? How can the God who is responsible for your creation instruct you to create something?

For the waters to have living creatures, God had to speak to the water. Waters in your body can be instructed to create a new heart or new lungs.

Just as there is more water on the surface of the Earth than land, so is there more water than flesh in your body.

You might have failed in school but the waters in your body can be trained. Even if God gives you something, it might not get into your mind but in the waters in your body

Some of you, the reason why you are broke is not because God did not give you an idea but you are looking for it in the wrong places. What are the waters in you telling you? Certain coded messages concerning your success were given to the waters.

Before you sleep, you need to say I need to know what was said by God in the presence of my waters; let it be revealed to me in a dream; I want to know what God said to my waters.

Let the waters bring forth!

You are waiting for God to speak to your flesh but then God speaks to the waters in you. Messages concerning where people are going and coming from are in their waters. Misfortunes are carried in the waters.

Your life will have things that might look like they are far away from you but they came from your waters.

(vs. 21-22) When God looked at them, they were good but not blessed. That is why God blessed them in the next verse. On top of beauty that anything carries, there is need for a blessing.

Fruitfulness was never in the goodness but in the blessing. You can have a testimony today but what are you going to do to have that same testimony repeat itself? There are certain things that you can do and manipulate things in the Spirit and cause them to happen.

How do you become fruitful health wise? How do you multiply the grace upon your life; handing over grace to your children, the power that make things to happen?

One idea can create another idea and another idea.

(John 15 vs. 1) If there is a true vine, it means there are fake vines.

(vs. 2) Whilst connected to the right God and the right Father, it is a possibility not to bear fruit. People that are praying without bearing fruit, it is sending a very bad message to the world.

On you as a branch, there are certain things, certain habits that are on you which affect the bearing of fruit and they need to be purged.

(vs. 3) What makes you fruitful is the word of God. You come to the house of God dirty but you leave clean. As you hear God’s word, certain things are removed from you. That is how God purges branches that don’t bear fruit.

If God tells you to be fruitful and you don’t become fruitful, you have disobeyed God. It is just as you having broken one of the 10 commandments.

If you don’t become fruitful, you have disobeyed the laws of God.