June 9, 2019

Mystery of Open Doors: Reading The Vision

Mystery of Open Doors: Reading The Vision

Revelation 3 vs. 20, Habakkuk2 vs. 2-3

(vs. 3) Though the vision tarry, wait for it.

There is no way a Prophet can come to you from the presence of God and tell you that he will visit you and talk to you. And you live for the rest of your life without seeing that prophet. It is not possible.

When a Prophet says a vision is coming, a vision is coming!

What you miss is the language; the arrival of the Prophet and that leaves you discouraged. But I want to train you your spirit on how to perceive visions.

Today, God is giving you information on how you can come out of misery but not all of us can hear Him speak. We are praying for God to improve His communication skills, to improve His language so that we can understand.

But when God speaks, He talks to you in language that He knows you understand. But when you fail to understand God, it is deliberate. God speaks to your capacity to hear but you are not always at your best capacity. He speaks to your ability to hear Him.

(vs.2) We are not told the vision but we were told that he was to write a vision. What did he see? But still, the vision had the power to make the reader run. The reader who reads the vision will not sit, walk or stand but run.

What kind of vision was that?

If I don’t remove the fear of death from you, then all that I am telling you won’t make sense. We’re not here to prepare for our death. Overcome the fear! Let’s start from there because under the influence of the fear of death, you lose your vision and focus.

You can’t plan for anything when you are afraid of death.

What was the vision that Habakkuk saw? The vision was so powerful to make everyone who reads it to run.

(Habakkuk 1 vs 12) He was talking about life span; how fast a person can go in life, if they are able to read the vision. If we are able to train our spirits to read the vision, and the vision is we shall not die.

That’s the vision.

The reason why we are dying is because we fail to read the vision. The vision was written on the Rock of Ages; the Stone that the builders rejected.

The day we read the vision written on Jesus, we shall not die!

(John 11 vs. 25) The one who is dead and believes in Him, he will live. Also, the one who is alive and believes in Him, He will not die.

This is the vision; if you believe in it, you will run for the rest of your life.

Jesus gave Himself two names; Resurrection and Life. There is a reason why He is calling Himself The Resurrection. It is because if He gets to you at your point of death, He then resurrects you. And He is also saying that if I find you alive, I will keep you alive.

He is The Rock on which the vision was written.

(vs. 26)Do you believe this? He knows that people were going to find a problem in believing this. Jesus is saying if I find you dead, the Resurrection will resurrect you; if you are alive, the Life will keep you alive.

Receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that is the day you got the vision. When you carry the Vision you also carry the Visionary.

(Mark 9 vs. 25) Jesus rebuked the foul spirit, not using His hand but His mouth. The man could not hear or speak but the Spirit responsible for that condition had the ability to hear. The devil can sit in a man and make Him broke spiritually.

A demon can cause you to rent but the demon itself won’t renting. A demon can cause you to be homeless but the demon itself won’t be homeless.

Jesus did not touch him but He spoke to him. The power of the spoken word!

Even if you are dead, Jesus can speak to you and you will have a chance to listen to Him and live again. Though you were dead, if you believe the vision written, you shall not die!

Stop fearing death, why, because you have embraced the vision on The Rock. Make that your number 1 vision and say I will not die, I will live!

(John 3 vs. 16) Jesus was given for our everlasting life and when we preach about Him, we speak of the very minute things. Jesus did not come to take us to Heaven! But still, why are people dying? It is failure to read the vision.

What will keep you alive is not receiving The Rock but reading and understanding The Rock. We shall not die!

(Revelation 3 vs. 20) There are doors that Him only can open but there are some that you only can open. He is knocking, asking for access into your life, asking for access into your dealings.

You want God to open doors for you? Open the door for Him!

(vs. 20)Jesus got to a door that was closed and was stopped by it. Child of God, if a door is closed, that is the end of your journey. Doors are important.

(vs. 20) Jesus is at the door, knocking. If any man, no matter what race or educational background; if you can hear His voice and open it.

(vs. 20)He is saying I am standing at the door knocking but then He says if anyone hears my voice. How can His knock be His voice?

Thousands of you are waiting for His voice because you cannot hear His voice in His knock.

That is how sometimes as prophets we hear the voice of God in your presence that you cannot hear, especially when God breaks down His voice to sound.

Are you able to hear the knock and hear His voice? God speaks through doors. Some of us, if we see a closed door, it is a statement from God. If we see an open door, it is a statement from God.

If you are resisted in your area, you have to interpret whether that is God or the devil.

Can you decode that? Can you attach words to the sound? 99 percent of people that are born again, when they get into wrong relationships, they know how it is going to end but they have a way of silencing the voice of God.

If you are looking for a partner, look for someone who is under the control of Jesus.

(vs. 20) When God comes into your life, He is so lenient and patient. He comes in and eats with you at your level. When you have exhausted what you have, you will eat His information with Him. There is a level where you graduate. You don’t reduce God to your level of understanding. He will eat His food with you.

(Habakkuk 2 vs. 3) That which was once a vision shall speak. The writer is not talking about the end of the vision. He is talking about the end of mankind.

This is a vision given to you whilst you are alive but it doesn’t speak now; it speaks at the end of Life. It will speak at the end of your life and it will take over and it will become a manifestation of the vision. Where you were supposed to die at 60 you will live up to 120 years.

Today, everything is quiet but the vision will speak at a point where you are about to die and it will say, this one will not die!

Fear of death is what is stopping you from understanding what God is saying to you.

God has a vision that you thought was never a vision. You are complicating the voice of God. Get to hear the voice of God. You can read God’s feelings by understanding your feelings. There are things that you love, not because you love them but God loves them through you.

You must be able to differentiate His feelings from your feelings and separate what He is saying from what you are saying.

You need to be trained on how to read what is written on Christ. Read the vision. When you read the vision and understand it, you will run!

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