July 7, 2019

Mystery of Open Doors: The Power and The Spirit 3

Mystery of Open Doors: The Power and The Spirit 3

2 Corinthians 10 vs. 4-5;   Mark 3 vs. 27; Luke 11 vs. 21-22

Understand this; everything that God has and will, give to you; it will be given to your spirit, not your flesh. Anything that your Spirit man rejects, your flesh cannot receive.

So where is the danger now? If your Spirit is not trained to receive from the Spirit of God, your flesh will remain broke and miserable.

Revival starts from within. Your Spirit receives from God and then it hands over to your flesh.

The things that you have outside cannot determine who you are. Everything that you have outside cannot define you. What defines you is what God has put inside of you and it begins to work from the inside going out.

(Exodus 25-27) Moses was given all the specific details on how he was to build the tabernacle by God but the most interesting thing was that God started with the inner part of the tabernacle. God started with the inside; the centre, going outside.

So when God is about to bless you, He will start from the inside of you, going out. You might not have it now but soon, your flesh will reflect what your Spirit carries.

Your Spirit is under a process of growth and very soon, it will overpower the physical man and it will fully manifest.

The natural man who cannot receive the things of the Spirit and yet desires the things of the Spirit but he cannot receive it. The natural man who is sick; he desires healing from God which is a spiritual thing. So how does he get healed? He has to give a chance to the Spirit that can receive spiritual things from God and after that, there has to be a handover to the flesh.

(Genesis 2 vs. 7) When God created you; you creation is not recorded in Genesis. What is in Genesis in the creation of your armor; your covering which is your body. And for you to function on the Earth, you have to put it on.

But before your flesh was created, you were already there.

God did not give your Spirit to the flesh but He gave the flesh to your Spirit.

(Genesis 2 vs. 7) You might think that the Spirit was given to the flesh. That is not true. It is the flesh that was given to the Spirit. Because if the Spirit was given to the flesh, the flesh ought to be in control.

It is important that you understand this because if you don’t, everything in your life will be wrong.

When you want to be master Life and you want to live above your circumstances, you have to think the opposite. God did not put His Spirit in the flesh so that the flesh can live. God put the Spirit into the flesh for it (the Spirit) to have legal right to function on Earth.

Before the creation in Genesis 2 verse 7, God was already talking about the dominion and ruling of Man. God could not have spoken like that if Man was not in existence already.

Right now you think that your flesh is a limitation but it is an advantage. You must do exploits because you were given the right to function on Earth as a Spirit and that right is your flesh.

After God finished creating the physical structure; the body, He breathed the Spirit that was already in existence before the body. The Spirit was much older and mature than the flesh.

Before you were born, you already contained information in your Spirit.

You have advantage over demonic spirits that don’t have physical bodies and don’t have the right to operate on Earth.

Understand your dominion and advantage.

The dominion from God was not given to the human structure but to the Spirit. You exercise dominion by the Spirit.

Is that company that you are working for aware that what they employed is actually the Spirit. Okay, are you aware that you are there to function as a Spirit? Your flesh did not carry your Spirit there; your Spirit carried your flesh there.

The flesh is your first industry, if you can manage and control it. Right now you are sitting in the midst of an industrial park and how are you functioning and working from there?

(2 Corinthians 10 vs. 4-5) “Weapons” You can abuse something and use it as a weapon. The books that you have read cannot be regarded as a weapon. Even if you have graduated with a degree, you are still not regarded as equipped to face the world.

Note this, the verse says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual, no. The Writer said they are not carnal but mighty through God.

So what makes a weapon carnal? Is it the weapon or the person using it?

Carnality and physical are two different things. Carnality is a mental condition.

Something can be physical but what makes it carnal is the spiritual upbringing of the person holding it. You can hold something physical and do some spiritual exploits.

(1 Samuel 17 vs. 40-50) Goliath had a weapon but it was carnal because of the person that was holding it. David had a physical sling but he introduced God into the case and it became mighty through God. You can use your degree and qualifications to do exploits if you introduce God and it becomes mighty through God.

Going to school is not enough. You must get your spirit to be trained on how to navigate and permeate the physical and touch the world.

The reason why you are not dominating is because your flesh is trying to use your Spirit but the Spirit must work through the flesh.

(Luke 11 vs. 21) Right now you think that you are ready for success but success is not about being successful; can you remain successful? Can you maintain success?

After being successful, how long will you remain successful? Can you deal with the criticism, the lies, the blackmail? It is not all about counting money, no. The world out there is not ready for your success.

(vs. 21) Why is the strong man armed? To keep his palace safe. The devil is not into guarding useless places. Success and kingdom life is heavily guarded .

(vs. 22) There are levels in strength. When you study the one that controls the marketplace and understand their power and train yourself, what will happen to you is the empowering of the Spirit. We are dethroning the flesh and empowering the Spirit so that the Spirit can operate through the flesh.

You don’t start by dealing with systems. “Him” must be your target. And who is “Him”? The Spirit that governs the area of your business interest.

What hinders you to access the spoils and the goods is your lack of strength.  Get strength in your Spirit.

You can develop your Spirit to a level where if you appear, everything in your presence becomes less valuable and you are the only one valuable there.

(Matthew 16 vs. 26) Your level of success is measured on how well you can control your Spirit; how well you can govern your flesh.

Most people are not aware of how the blessings of God operate. Which means even if they have the blessing, it will do them no good because having something that you cannot use is as good as not having it.

Before God allows you to get anything, what was the first thing that was physical that He blessed you with? It was your flesh. Your flesh was given to your Spirit.

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