June 30, 2019

Mystery of Open Doors:The Power and The Spirit 2

Mystery of Open Doors:The Power and The Spirit 2

Luke 1 vs. 17

(vs. 17) He (John) shall go where? Before Him. Him who? Jesus. In the Spirit and the Power of Elijah.

John had the grace upon his life to forerun the Messiah. This is a powerful ministry.

Before Jesus could come, a man had to go before Him. Otherwise He wasn’t going to be accepted.

Elizabeth was going to give birth to an unusual son; he was an abnormal son, because for the first time, she was going to give birth to a son who doesn’t have his own spirit. This was never recorded before because everyone who is born into the Earth has their own spirit but for this one, he was going to have a Spirit of a man who had already walked on the Earth before. So even soon after his birth, John was going to be mature already.

There are humans on Earth today whose Spirits have no right to function on Earth.

If this child was going to be born with the Spirit of Elijah, where is the Spirit of John? This is a different person carrying the Spirit of another man. And this is not the birth of Elijah.

So where is the Spirit of John?

You can be born with your spirit and you can live on Earth and have your spirit doing nothing.

Not every human Spirit is going to participate in the activities of the Earth. It is not every Spirit that is going to be active on the Earth because it is not every Spirit that was given an assignment on Earth.

God is not going to call people all the time. God gives an assignment to a man and that man can push that assignment to a certain level. When that man gives up in the flesh, the assignment falls onto another person as a mantle.

And when this happens to you, you will do things without being instructed. You will experience wisdom beyond your age.

Most young people are asking God, Who am I? Careers can be inherited if Spirits can be inherited. You can choose to find your own path or decide to study a man who walked his path and submit to him and inherit a mantle.

What you are trying to achieve or any level you wish to attain both physically and spiritually, there is someone out there who is enjoying that. All you need to do is to find that person and make a contact. As long as you can submit to that person, you can receive a part of that person’s spirit.

Destinies are mobile. They visit people; during the night when people get to bed. Its either you will visit places or places visit you.

At a point when you have inherited a Spirit, where does your Spirit go? It is a moment in life where your personal spirit is silenced by the Spirit that you have inherited.

Doors are opened to you and you can have access to places that you were never invited to.

There are places in the Spirit that when you visit, your background or your qualification or your complexion is not considered. The Spirit that you carry is what is considered at it grants you access and doors are opened.

There are times when you are resisted by people. What then do you do? First, you have to note that I am being resisted here but don’t join them in resisting you. Don’t join your enemies in fighting you. In places where you are not being accepted, accept yourself. If you are being resisted, investigate why. If it is your Spirit that is being resisted, present a different Spirit. Because it is not every Spirit that was given an assignment.

(2 Kings 2 vs. 13-14) There is a kind of life beyond Jordan and the life beyond Jordan is not the life before Jordan. If you try to use your Spirit, Jordan might resist you because your Spirit is too young.

How do you get experience? Get the Spirit of a man who is experienced. Until you gain experience, you will never be accepted.

(Matthew 26 vs. 39) When Jesus came, He had His will but then He said to God, Not my Will but your Will be done, not my vision but your Vision.

Many visions are within visions. Dreams are within dreams. Very few visions can stand alone on this Earth. You will find your little dream swallowed by a bigger vision and you will realize your vision by pursuing the bigger vision.

I have seen people struggle. There are people who want to serve God at all cost. Why should you suffer like that if there is an opportunity for you to discover a path and inherit a way of doing things.

Ask yourself; whose vision contains my vision? Whose dream contains my dream? Whose anointing contains my anointing?

My heart bleeds a lot. I know that God has given men a unique understanding of spiritual things. It pains me to see gifted and talented people who know how to exhibit their gifts and talents but they don’t know how to keep themselves safe from the enmities that they have created from themselves. I am worried about gifted people when they are reckless about their lives.

If you know that God has given you a gift or an anointing, you should come up with ways of protecting not only the anointing but the container of the anointing.

You have to maintain yourself. Keep yourself.

Value yourself. It matters where you go. Value what you carry. When others are living carelessly, you have to preserve yourself for the next generation. Now it matters who you talk to, who walks with you because they have to be compatible with your gift, your assignment.

Are the people coming in your life coming to quench or to fan up the fire?

It is very easy for the crowd to alter your calling and agenda and you will find yourself changing your assignment.

The Spirit in you can cause you to do extra ordinary things but the same Spirit cannot protect you when the enemies are coming against you because of that gift. If you are not sure of the Power, you would rather wait. The gift will bring people into your life that you cannot even contend with and you will die.

If you find something that you can do, find the Power to back up that Spirit. Your Spirit can do things that you will need different power to keep you alive.

(2 Timothy 1 vs. 6) When the gift of God is in God, it is not a gift until it is granted. It is the giving away of the thing that makes it a gift. So in you is the gift of God. When the gift of God is in you, you have to stir it up because it can be there but lay dormant and you may think that it is still with God.  The thing that you desire from God is no longer with God. The thing that will make you prophesy, to make billions of dollars and transform the world is in you. All you need to do is to stir it up.

(Malachi 3 vs. 16) What we do in the presence of God is one thing and what we say on our way home is another thing. When the two were speaking, not to God but to each other, God heard them. I thought God hears only when we pray, no. learn today; never to say anything that contradicts your prayers, especially if you fear the Lord. Let everything that you say after prayer support what you pray for.

There is no place were two God-fearing people can communicate and their conversation is not heard by the Heavens.

Be careful of what you say, especially when you are a God-fearing person because God is listening.

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