February 4, 2018

Neither Give Place To The Devil!

Neither Give Place To The Devil!

Ephesians 4 vs. 27

Most Christians are victims of wrong information about the devil. The devil has power but he is not as powerful as people say he is because if the devil was more powerful that Christians, then becoming a Christian will be the most dangerous thing. Jesus wouldn’t have encouraged us to get born again.

There is nothing as powerful, on Earth, as a child of God. Referring to the above-quoted scripture, I can comfortably say that they devil is a homeless guy and the only place he has is that we have given him. Think about that for a minute.

(Ephesians) Don’t give the devil a place; he is so desperate for a place because he doesn’t have a place of His own. What the devil desires so much in your life is not for you go to hell but to have a place in your life. He doesn’t have the power to claim it from you unless you give it to him. When Paul wrote this (Ephesians 4), he knew what the devil could do from a place in your business, life, family so that at the end of the day, he controls everything. He wants to manipulate and control your life from that space you give him.

According to my research, the entire Bible is about territorial dominance; major battles and wars in the Bible were about territory and even today, people are still fighting for territory. He devil was so desperate for space, and that’s why he was cast out of heaven. He was cast down to Earth but that doesn’t mean he was given the Earth. There is a man that was created to dominate on Earth.

The devil wants to get into your life because there is order in your life.

(Genesis 3) There were not many snakes in the garden of Eden but one, and that means only one person, not to many, just one wrong voice, one friend, one relative, in your life is enough to make your life miserable if you give it space.

Your space given to you by God is supposed to be protected by you not by God.

A snake is a snake, no matter the location, even in the church. Environments do not change it. The only thing you need to do is to protect your territory and don’t allow it to enter. Even if you are in the enemy’s territory, maintain your beliefs, no matter what the people say. Keep snakes out; fight them with everything you have.

Reclaim your space from the devil!

There is never a day that the devil will willingly walk out of your life; you have to chase him away because it is your territory. Exercise your dominion!