March 30, 2018

Passover Conference Day 1 : The Importance of Sacrifice

Passover Conference Day 1 : The Importance of Sacrifice

John 3 vs. 16

Passover is the beginning of a new era.

Life was birthed around sacrifices. Without sacrifice, there won’t be any invention or success. We are here today because someone sacrificed something,

(vs. 16)Eternal life means you have a life that never ends. You live today and you live tomorrow and there is nothing that the devil can do about that. No matter what the devil can try to do to you, once you have the Only Begotten Son, eternal life is yours.

Why would God lose His Only Begotten Son for Mankind?

Jesus is the best gift ever given to mankind. It is important for us to understand that apart from giving, there is nothing you can do.

Passover is not only about God giving His Son to us, it is a demonstration that apart from giving, you can never get what you want. If prayer is enough, God would have prayed for us. He didn’t fast or sing a song; He GAVE His only Begotten Son. This is proof enough that the principle of giving can never be replaced.

God would have just killed the devil and automatically, all of us would have become Christians right away but He decided that that if I am to restore man, I will have to part with the only thing that I cherish the most; His Son Jesus. For God to have us all, there was need for Him to part with His son.

Some say now that I am born again, there is no need for me to give offerings but they forget that for them to have received Salvation, God had to first give His Son.

There is no anointing that can help you escape the principle of giving. God will never stop you from giving because He had to give for Him to get what He wanted.

(Exodus 23 vs. 15) God told the children of Israel to keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread and every time they celebrate it, they must never appear before Him empty handed.

During Passover, when God brings His best to the table, God is saying that you should do the same. This Passover, I’m looking for people who really believe in sowing and reaping. There is nothing that is as confusing to the enemy as giving. There is nothing that paralyses the work of the devil the same way as giving.

Sacrifices make you more powerful than your foes. If you are a giver, there is nothing you cannot achieve!